Google Stadia also closes its cloud service aimed at third party companies

There will not be any leftovers from Google Stadia. The service destined to revolutionize the video game industry it has dissolved like sugar in coffee. First there were the internal studies of the company, which caused a first alarm signal. Then, although Google swore and swore that Stadia would not die, the company decided to slam the project. And now, Axios Gaming journalist Stephen Totilo has revealed that Google has also shut down the cloud service it offered to other companies.

According to the journalist, despite the fact that Google closed some agreements (such as the one that allowed AT&T 5G customers to stream a Batman game), those in Silicon Valley have determined not to continue offering this kind of service. “We are not providing that streaming option because it was tied to Stadia itself”, Jack Buser, from Google, admitted to Totilo. “Unfortunately, we have decided not to continue with Stadia, so this type of offer [negocio a negocio] it cannot be provided either.”

Stadia’s premature goodbye: a matter of business model

When Google Stadia was announced with great fanfare, it was all good words. However, from the beginning there was reluctance on the part of the users, not because the service was bad. What generated the most doubts was the business model, since it functioned as a digital store. In other words, it wasn’t a product like Xbox Game Pass. In fact, the Premium model allowed access to a series of free games each month, but not a complete library.

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There is a paradox that titles that were announced as Google Stadia star games will never see the light of day on this platform. This is the case of Baldur’s Gate 3, despite the fact that from the beginning it was also planned for PC. It will be released on August 31 on compatible and PlayStation 5.

Source | Stephen Totilo (Twitter)

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