Google trick to delete personal information after searching for something

With the advancement of technology, most people when using Google from an Android cell phone can see passwords, phone numbers, bank accounts, among other confidential data on the device, which usually appear in the browser’s search results. Given this, it is important to act immediately so that you do not fall victim to a cyberattack due to the accessibility of information.

Fortunately, there is a way that will help you report and remove the posting of certain personal information without permission. However, Before learning about this method, it is important to clarify that even if Google removes a web page or image from search results, they will not be able to remove content from third-party websites. In this way, the data may still exist on those pages.

Trick to remove personal information from Google searches

  • In case you have detected that your data was exposed in Google, you must enter ‘Google Content Withdrawal Requests’ to download the corresponding form.
  • Then click on the pencil icon to edit the document. This is located to the right of the section “Select the Google product where the content you want to report appears” and “What product does your request refer to?”.
With a request to Google, people will be able to remove personal information from the search engine. – Photo: Getty Images
  • At that time several options will be displayed, for both cases you must click on “Google Search”.
  • Depending on the situation you have presented, it is advisable to select the option “Policy (non-legal) reasons for reporting content”, “Private information” and “personally identifiable information”.
  • In the final part of the file, click on the notice “Follow the instructions on this page”. In this step, Google will explain how to carry out the information removal process.
  • In the part of “Personal information that Google will remove”, select the blue phrase that indicates “How to remove selected personally identifiable information (PII) or doxed content from Google Search”.
  • Right there they will specify what information they are going to remove from Google searches. and then click on the option How to initiate a removal request?
  • Finally, the instructions must be followed, as Google will guide the entire process.
Google will complicate things for those looking for adult content.
Google offers the option to delete personal data from the browser. – Photo: Getty Images
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Google debuts new features for Android and Wear OS, so you can use them on your phone

Google Keep Widget

This tool would allow you to quickly manage notes and check off to-do lists right from the home screen. Added to this, background colors and images may be included to the app notes and all of these will be synced to the user’s smart watch.

Similarly, on smart devices that use Wear OS, the operating system for smart watches, the Google Keep service will generate two new shortcuts for Help users create new notes and to-do lists with a simple tap on their watch face.

The Google Keep Widget allows you to better organize user activities.
The Google Keep Widget allows you to better organize user activities. – Photo: Google Official / Supplied by Week

Create notes with new shortcuts to appear on your watch face

Users will also be able to use a stylus or touch the screen to edit PDF files from the Google Drive app for Android. In this way, different stroke options will be enabled to generate freehand notes or comments, which will be very useful for marking photos or highlighting important texts.

Improvements in the audio connection via bluetooth

To optimize the experience during video calls, Google Meet on Android will now have an option to cancel noise in the middle of a call that will be available on a greater number of smartphones. The brand’s bet is to avoid filtering background sounds that could distract users during a communication.

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