Have your WhatsApp stickers been deleted? so you can get them back

WhatsApp has become the most used instant messaging application in the world, because through it you have the opportunity to talk with family, partner and friends. In addition, you can send all kinds of content, such as photos, videos, emojis, stickers, among many others.

The platform developed by Meta is characterized by constantly working on the design and development of new options that help improve the experience of its users, while providing other forms of communication for people.

However, when users delete conversations, it is very common for stickers to be deleted as well. In this sense, there is a very simple trick to recover it and thus avoid losing a sticker.

WhatsApp. – Photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images

It is important to mention that it will be necessary to download a third-party application to be able to perform this trick. However, the apps It is available in the Play Store and will not intervene in the conversations or list of contacts.

How to recover deleted WhatsApp stickers?

  • Make sure to make a backup in the application.
  • Enter the Play Store and download the apps “Personal stickers for WhatsApp”.
  • After being installed, go to the ‘+’ icon.
  • Click on the ‘Search files’ section.
  • The phone storage folder will open.
  • Press on Android, Media, Com.WhatsApp, WhatsApp, Media.
  • Go to the ‘WhatsApp Stickers’ folder, since the deleted stickers are in it.
  • Select the stickers that you want to recover.
  • Once this process is done, click on ‘Add from WhatsApp’.
  • Enjoy again the deleted stickers in the instant messaging application.
WhatsApp only has a verification system that requires the introduction of a PIN code.
WhatsApp only has a verification system that requires the introduction of a PIN code. Photo: Getty Images – Photo: dpa/picture alliance via Getty I
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WhatsApp and the trick to recover deleted messages or chats without using the backup

Currently, it is very common for a WhatsApp user to need to recover a message or conversation quickly and for this reason the backup function is not such an effective resource, because to use this option you need to invest some time when having to delete and reinstall the application to be able to restore the conversations.

In addition, said copy is generated automatically in a period of time that the user can establish from the configuration of the app; therefore, if you want recovering a message that was deleted just after the backup was generated will be very difficult to restore said content.

So the backup option is a very useful resource to preserve and restore all the conversations when changing the smartphone, but it is not a fully functional tool when you need to immediately rescue a deleted message or chat.

However, WhatsApp has a trick that makes it possible to recover any message, file or chat without having to restore the backup. But this resource requires downloading and installing a program that makes it possible to recover deleted content.

How to recover deleted messages without using the backup?

To use it is necessary to download the program called ‘Tenorshare UltData for Android’ On a computer that has Windows 11 or 10, once the software has been installed, the following steps must be followed:

Illustration representing WhatsApp chats on a mobile device.
Illustration representing WhatsApp chats. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto
  • Connect the Android phone to the computer where the program is installed via a cable.
  • Open the software and then select the ‘Recover WhatsApp Data’ option.
  • The platform will immediately start a process to recognize the content on the phone.
  • A list will appear on the screen with the contents that can be restored, the service will allow you to recover messages, voice notes, stickers, videos or a complete chat.
  • You must select the items to restore and then click the ‘Recover’ button.
  • The platform will carry out the restoration process of the contents previously selected by the user.
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It should be noted that this software not only allows you to recover WhatsApp files, it is also possible to use the tool in chats that are handled through WhatsApp Business.

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