HBO Reveals The Only Reason It Would Change Bella Ramsey As Ellie In The Last of Us Season 2

Reviewing the keys to Season 2 of The Last of Us, the question is inevitable: Is Bella Ramsey the right actress to play Ellie? Because yes, during this first season he has nailed it and it has come off, but in the new one there would be an important nuance, time. Between the story of The Last of Us and that of its sequel five years pass. One of the most significant changes was found in Ellie’s appearance, which I went from being 14 years old to 19. From being a child to a conflicted adult and perfectly capable of defending herself from everything without a squire like Joel.

It is evident that HBO has no intention of waiting that long to shoot Season 2 and the change in Ramsey seems complicated. Precisely the actress, who is 19 years old, was chosen to play Ellie because she had a more childlike air. And while diets and workouts are a piece of cake for Hollywood, many wonder if it wouldn’t be easier. switch to interpreter by an older one and similar to the new Ellie.

From HBO they have always declared that they do not even consider it, that they are delighted with it, and believe that that request is driven by haters of the actress, of which she herself has spoken (and before those who defend her, in her own words, “a gay Twitter army”). But even so, Neil Druckmman, co-creator of the games and co-showrunner of the series along with Craig Mazin, has revealed that there is a reason why they might stop counting on her. Could.

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“When we made the game, I felt like we were incredibly lucky. Luck smiled on us with Ashley Johnson. I couldn’t imagine another version of Ellie. But then, somehow, luck smiled back at us with Bella,” Druckmann told IGN in an interview. “We are very lucky to have her and you have been able to see it throughout the season. Only we would consider replacing Bella if she said: “I don’t want to work with you anymore. Even in that case, I’m not sure we’d give it to him. We could force her back for Season 2.”

For now it does not seem, but we will see. Craig Mazin has already warned that the second season will be “radically different” from the game.

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