How many years should it last and how to extend its useful life?

The computer is one of the technological tools most used by people in the world. There are computers that are made up of different parts, like others that are characterized by being portable and everything is united.

However, the fact of acquiring one of these devices does not mean that, over time, it will work 100%, since technological devices bring with them a time of functionality, depending on the model, brand and other variables to take into account. account.

The same happens with cell phones or smart phones, which, at first, are quick to interact with, but then operations become slower. In that order of ideas, each computer is imposed an approximate number of years of durationwhich can be less or more, depending on the use that users give it.

The amount of time of functionality is known as the half-life or useful life. According to data shared by the blog tecfysthe computers are of care and updates, their useful life can even be extended.

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“A computer can last between 6 to 10 years depending on the brand, model, intensity of use and the care we give it. When we talk about computers, there are two main types: laptops and computers or desktop PCs”, explain those who know the subject.

Desktop computer

These devices are usually more relevant in organizations or companies, since the space capacity is greater. the web stage techlandia say what desktop computers have more performance and therefore more durability.

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Therefore, experts comment that it is difficult to determine the useful life for this type of computer. However, the central processing unit or CPU is part of the brain of the computing device, and it can last between two to seven years. As for the RAM memory, which stores and classifies the data, it can last up to 15 years.

In general terms, the standard duration is at least five years, if the desktop computer is for office use and its handling is constant.

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Laptops tend to be flashier and cooler. They are easy to transport, although their performance may have more limits, compared to a CPU. tecfys states that “the approximate useful life of a laptop is established between two and four years. This may be due to its lower memory capacity and battery need.

Regarding the battery of these devices, the useful life is approximately three years, after this there are laptops that download in record time and must remain connected to the electrical outlet.

Thus, experts emphasize that after passing the life threshold of computers, there may be minimal failures, but not determinants that lead to a change in the computer, the cause of this occurs when the device does not turn on or its slowness is maximum. “It can also happen that the download time of applications becomes slower or incurs blockages due to lack of memory,” adds the aforementioned digital scenario.

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How to extend the useful life of computers?

There are methods that are effective to give more years to the functionality of computers, repair technicians share the following:

  • Perform periodic maintenance, with internal and external cleaning.
  • Cover the laptop with a protective cover when transporting it.
  • Install antivirus programs.
  • Avoid exposure to the sun or high temperatures.
  • Unplug the charger when the laptop battery is completely full.
  • Avoid blocking the ventilation inlets.
  • Avoid eating near the computer due to possible risks of accidents.

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