How to adjust inappropriate recommendations on Spotify?

Spotify is the music app streaming most famous in the world. The platform of Swedish origin is available on the iOS and Android operating systems, allowing users to listen to their favorite songs from mobile devices, tablets and computers.

The apps It has a wide catalog to which it frequently implements various interactive functions. so that users can build and share their different playlists.

In this sense, Spotify includes an algorithm that recognizes the different musical tastes of users, with the purpose of generating weekly playlists that include similar songs, which is why the application has included an option that allows you to exclude some playlists from the ‘taste profile’.

Spotify is the platform that many prefer to listen to music. – Photo: Getty Images/Image Source

This new feature was called ‘exclude from profile likes’, and it aims to prevent weekly recommendations. It is important to mention that it can only be applied to playlists and not to specific songs.

Spotify aims to be more accurate on the home page and on playlists with dynamic content, like Spotify Wrapped. Now, to exclude some playlists from the ‘taste profile’, the following steps must be carried out:

  • Enter a playlist.
  • Press the ‘Menu’ button.
  • Press the option ‘Exclude from your taste profile’.
  • Immediately afterwards, you will be able to read a message that says: “listening to this playlist will have less impact on your taste profile and your recommendations”.
  • The exclusion will be effective up to 48 hours later.

To add the playlist to the “taste profile” again, follow the same process and then press the ‘include in your taste profile’.

Spotify.  Photo: Fabian Sommer/dpa (Photo by Fabian Sommer/picture alliance via Getty Images)
Spotify has several functions for its proper functioning. – Photo: dpa/picture alliance via Getty I
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How to prevent Spotify from eating up the phone’s mobile data?

It should be noted that people who have a subscription to the Spotify Premium service can access a function that allows them to download their favorite songs, with this resource you can listen to music without depending on an internet connection.

In fact, this function It is very useful when you are traveling by plane or in case there is little data left in the plan you have with a mobile phone company.

On the other hand, the platform has several options to configure the quality of the audio that is played and, with this, the amount of data that is consumed when listening to music can be reduced.

To make these changes, you must access the Spotify settings menu, for this you need to press the icon in the shape of a nut that is at the top of the screen. Afterwards, it will be necessary to slide your finger down until reach a section called ‘sound quality’.

Spotify.  (Photo illustration by Lorenzo Di Cola/NurPhoto via Getty Images)
Spotify, logo. – Photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images

In this option, the user will be able to calibrate the data consumption that the application executes when music is being played. It is advisable to select the low quality when the phone uses mobile data to play music. Likewise, it is recommended to activate the function that regulates the audio quality depending on the connection that the equipment has.

It is also recommended to select the highest audio quality when the smartphone It is connected to a Wi-Fi network, thus, the user will have a good experience with their favorite songs.

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By running these settings you can ensure that Spotify will not kill all mobile data on a plan and without the need for a person to be forced to stop using the apps to listen to your favorite songs, which are present in the different playlists that you have created from your profile.

It should be noted that this method can be used on devices that have the Android operating system, along with iPhone phones that operate on the iOS platform. Although the menus may undergo a slight change, the procedure will not have a significant variation.

Finally, the last recommendation is that the user tries to keep the Spotify application updated in order to have access to the latest features and news that the service offers, since these tools help control mobile data consumption and also improve the playback experience of the songs.

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