How to change plans on Netflix without being messed up (or how to unsubscribe)

The bargain is over for some. No more seeing Netflix releases of this month with the account of the father of the Erasmus neighbour, with that of my cousin’s ex-partner or with that of my old co-worker. The shared accounts are worth money (those that are shared with people you don’t live with). six $ to be exact. But they are only available for Standard and Premium plans. What is this? Those who until now did not pay a penny will wonder. how do i I unsubscribe from Netflix? They will insist angrily (as some users have done via Twitter) to those who have been harmed by Netflix’s change of plans.

That’s right, Netflix offers new subscription options. The most expensive are the plans Standard (€12.99/month) and Premium (€17.99/month). Both offer better video quality and resolution, as well as a greater number of connected devices.


  • you can see in two devices compatible at the same time
  • Unlimited movies, series and mobile games
  • To see in Full HD
  • no ads
  • download in two devices compatible at the same time
  • Option to add up to extra subscriber that does not live with you


  • you can see in four devices compatible at the same time
  • Unlimited movies, series and mobile games
  • To see in Ultra HD
  • download in six c devicescompatible at the same time
  • Option to add up two extra subscribers that they do not live with you
  • Netflix Spatial Audio

The subscription plan Netflix doesn’t want you to see

The next cheapest planbut with more restrictions is the Essentialof 7.99 $. The one that Netflix does not add in its summary of plans, as some users have denounced on Twitter. To access it you must go to the netflix website from your mobile phone and click on the message ‘Discover all the plans’. It’s at the bottom of the table that lists all the plans.

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This plan ‘Essential’ It allows watch and download on one supported device at a time, in HD quality and ad-free. Because yes, he cheapest Netflix plan includes ads. Under the name of ‘Basic with ads‘ (four minutes of ads per hour to be exact) does not allow downloading of content. What’s more, some of the titles may not be available for subscribers with this plan.

and how can i change a plan to another? Depends. If what you want is to go from a cheaper one to a more expensive one, then there is no problem. You can do it in the same month. “You can change from the Basic to the Standard plan and, later, from the Standard to the Premium in the same month,” they point out from the company. However, if you want to switch to a cheapest option you have to unsubscribe beforeunless you want to wait until your subscription time runs out.

How to unsubscribe from Netflix

To cancel your account you must go to the ‘Account’ section. Within this section you can cancel your account directly by clicking on ‘Cancel subscription’, an option found in the ‘Subscription and Billing‘. In the event that it does not appear and that your subscription is part of a package contracted with an external company, you must contact that entity to unsubscribe from netflix. To verify that you have unsubscribed, all you have to do is go to your email and verify that you have received the confirmation email. The one that many users have shared via Twitter in complaint about the Netflix changes.

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