How to charge the cell phone battery when there is no light in the house?

Currently, smartphones represent much more than a device to make or receive calls, as today they allow you to surf the internet, chat, create or share content on social networks, buy items and even pay bills or public services. However, battery charging is still a matter of concern.

Despite the fact that modern cell phones have large capacity batteries, smart charging and fast charging systems, their users continue to have great concern about the battery life. For this reason, people often have a certain obsession with the percentage of power their phone has left, especially when they are in areas where they cannot charge the equipment.

This situation becomes more complex when there is a failure in the energy service and the user is left inside a place where there is no electricity. Nevertheless, There are a couple of actions that can be applied to be able to recharge the equipment’s battery, despite the fact that there is no electricity at home or in the place where the person is.

How to charge a battery smartphone when does the light go out?

load the smartphone With the car

During a home power outage, users can turn to their car battery as a resource to transfer power to their smartphone. It is only necessary to use a USB cable to connect the smartphone to a port that the vehicle has.

But it is important to keep in mind that when using this method, the phone could need a couple of hours to be able to have a 100% charge, since the car battery handles the same amperage as the electrical outlets in a house.

So this resource can it is not a good alternative if the user wants to have a full charge in a short time.

So this resource may not be a good alternative if the user wants to have a full charge in a short time. – Photo: Getty Images
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Use an external battery

External batteries or ‘power banks’ represent an extremely useful resource for recharging various phones at times when the user does not have an electrical power source.

Currently, these types of devices have the possibility of storing large amounts of energy and thanks to this it is possible to connect several phones to recharge them simultaneously. In fact, that resource can also help give you energy. a laptop or tablet.

For this reason, it is advisable to keep these batteries with the maximum charge capacity, because the energy will be stored for a period of two to four months. So the ‘power banks’ can be a useful item in an emergency situation.

iPhone cell phone charging.
Cell phone charging using an external battery – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Employ reverse charging technology

There are some Android phones that have the reverse charging function and, Thanks to this resource, a phone can transfer its energy to another device through a cable or with wireless charging technology.

With this option, the user can grant energy from his cell phone to another device, in order to maintain communication with his contacts without much difficulty.

How to properly charge a phone so the battery lasts longer?

Do not leave the cell phone charging connected all night

It is a mistake to leave the device connected to a power source overnight. This is because a good part of the phones have a security system that cuts off the flow of energy to the battery when it is fully charged. Consequently, upon reaching 100% the device begins to consume electricity from its battery.

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But when the smartphone remains connected to an electricity source for several hours, the equipment ends up entering a vicious cycle of permanent recharging. This situation occurs because the cell phone will begin to recover energy from the outlet every time its charge drops to 99% and will again close that flow of electricity when it has 100%.

Said recharge cycle accelerates the wear of the power cells together with the useful life of the battery, which will make eventually lose its ability to conserve the energy it stores for longer.

Leaving your phone charging overnight can damage its battery.
Leaving your phone charging overnight can damage its battery. – Photo: Getty Images

Do not use the equipment while charging

It is recommended do not use the cell phone during the first 10 minutes of charging, because this habit can make the recharge take longer and the quality of the charge is not optimal.

According to the characteristics of the battery and its fast charging system, it is possible that the temperature of the device rises when it is connected to an electrical outlet. When this situation occurs, it is also advisable not to use the equipment because this practice can generate overheating that could damage the processor and battery.

Always use the original charger

Generally, smartphones have a charging capacity recommended by their manufacturers, this capacity may vary depending on the amperage and watts that the battery can support.

For that reason it is crucial to always use the original cell phone charger or use an option approved by the manufacturerin order to prevent a possible overheating or force the battery to wear more.

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