How to cleanse the colon with pineapple, apple and aloe vera

The colon is the most important part of the digestive system. It fulfills functions such as extracting water and some nutrients and electrolytes from partially digested food, while the undigested remains, called feces, move through this intestine, are stored in the rectum and leave the body through the anus, says the National Cancer Institute, United States.

The colon is also known as the large intestine and good bacteria known as intestinal flora live and work there, turning food into waste, which is regularly expelled, says the Gastrolab portal, from Mexico.

The daily consumption of fruits and vegetables is key to taking care of the health of this organ. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends eating at least 400 grams or five servings of these foods a day to reap their health benefits.

Colon cleansing is key to avoiding health complications. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Both fruits and vegetables are important to prevent the intestine from storing toxins that bring consequences such as stomach inflammation, constipation and irritable colon. Being a good source of fiber, they help the digestive system to function well, avoiding complications in the colon.

One of the home remedies that can be used as part of a healthy diet to care for colon health is apple, pineapple, and aloe juice. Pineapple helps regulate intestinal transit, since it is an important source of water and fiber, components that allow toxins to be dragged and help to eliminate excess fat.

The apple, for its part, regardless of color, is good for combating constipation, because it is rich in fiber. If you also consume its skin, which is very rich in pectin and antioxidants, which promote cell health. Aloe vera, meanwhile, also favors intestinal mobility and facilitates the expulsion of toxins.

Digestion is important for the body because it breaks down food and drink into molecules to obtain nutrients.  Photo: Getty Images.  Assembly WEEK.
One of the favorable fruits to promote digestion is pineapple. Photo: Getty Images. Assembly WEEK. – Photo: Photo: Getty Images. Assembly WEEK.
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According to the magazine Mejor con Salud, to take advantage of the benefits of these foods, a food can be prepared in the following way.


  • Two pineapple slices.
  • An Apple
  • A glass of water (250 ml).
  • Two tablespoons of aloe vera gel (30 g).


  • The pineapple and apple are peeled and the seeds are removed from the latter (if it is of organic origin, the skin can also be left).
  • Put all the ingredients in the blender and they are processed until a homogeneous smoothie is obtained and it will be ready to consume.

Other foods to cleanse the colon

  • Oats: This is one of the most recommended foods, because due to its content of a type of fiber known as beta-glucans, it contributes to the balance of intestinal bacteria. A study published in the scientific journal British Journal of Nutrition determined that the consumption of recipes with oats has positive effects on the intestinal microflora, since it acts as prebiotics, which function as food for the healthy bacteria that inhabit the colon.
Oats are rich in fiber and contribute to the balance of intestinal bacteria. – Photo: Getty Images
Yogurt (getty)
Yogurt is key to maintaining care for the intestinal flora. – Photo: Getty Images
  • Yoghurt: This product, like other fermented foods, contains probiotics that help repopulate the intestinal flora. By favoring this balance, the health of the colon improves, as well as its natural functions.

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