How to create hyper-real images with Midjourney quickly and for free

Recently different users of social networks have begun to share in their profiles different types of super-realistic images that social networks, which appear as an illustration that represents different ideas, possible future scenarios or artistic proposals of people.

Thanks to that possession Midjourney artificial intelligence (AI) has become an extremely popular resource to create and share different types of illustrations, which are created based on specific questions or requests from users.

However, some people still do not know how to use this tool and many of them even imagine that this technology is complex to use and that it is only available to people with advanced computer skills.

But the Midjourney service is available to anyone with internet accessalong with an account on the Discord platform.

How to use Midjourney via Discord

Currently there is an option to be able to interact with the Midjourney AI to make the service generate different types of images, from texts and without having to pay money for it.

This is possible thanks to the platform does not have its own website from which users can make requests for images that they want to obtain, for this reason this service is carried out through the Discord servers.

Therefore, to access Midjourney initially it is necessary to have a Discord account and, if possible, have the app of that platform installed on the smartphone, which is available for Android or iOS through the Play Store or App Store.

To create an account on Discord, it is only required to access the official website of the service and there it will be necessary to generate a profile, using a new user or linking a Facebook or Google account with the platform.

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Once the account has been created, it is necessary to follow the following steps:

When accessing the Discord platform, you must select the Midjourney server, which appears with a white icon on the left side of the screen.

Discord allows you to use the Midjourney service – Photo: Screenshot / Week

In the menu on the left, a list of the different channels with which the user can interact will appear, it is key to select any option that has the word ‘newbie’ and that is under ‘Newcomer rooms’. Those are channels created for users to request images.

Discord lets you use Midjourney's AI
Discord lets you use Midjourney’s AI – Photo: Screenshot / Week

Once a ‘newbie’ channel has been accessed, it will be necessary to locate itself in the text box and then write the command “/imagine” (but without the quotes), then the platform will suggest pressing a button that appears on the screen.

Through a chat, Discord users can ask the Midjourney AI for images
Through a chat, Discord users can ask the Midjourney AI for images – Photo: Screenshot / Week

now alone it is necessary to write a description of the images that you want to obtain, for example “/Imagine prompt Batman as a ninja”. However, it is recommended to make requests in English, since the AI ​​is more accurate when a request is made in that language and therefore it is advisable to use services such as Google Translate as a support tool.

In the same way, it is key that the user offers a very detailed description in case he wants an illustration with specific elements. Otherwise you can make simple requests like “Shakira if I were a samurai or Batman ninja” and after a couple of minutes the platform will generate four illustrations.

Midjourney generated an illustration of Shakira as a samurai.
Midjourney generated an illustration of Shakira as a samurai. – Photo: Screenshot / Week
Midjourney generated an illustration of Batman if he were a ninja.
Midjourney generated an illustration of Batman if he were a ninja. – Photo: Screenshot / Week
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On the screen, the user will have the possibility of reviewing which photo best suits their needs or requirements, then they will have to click on the option (from U1 to U4) that best suited the request made and thus you will be able to obtain the selected photo with a higher resolution.

It’s worth noting that user requests will be mixed in with other people’s requests, so it’s important to constantly check the chat to confirm if the AI ​​generated the requested images.

On the other hand, it must be specified that the user has the possibility of creating 25 images for free per month and once that limit has been exceeded, it will be necessary to access a paid subscription service to be able to generate more illustrations.

To take the payment option, it is only necessary to write the command “/subscribe” and click on the window that appears on the screen, the user will immediately be sent to another site where they can choose a paid membership.

Finally, it is essential to clarify that all images generated by Midjourney are public and can always be used by other Discord users that are in the channel.

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