How to find cheap air tickets and plan trips with Google?

The Easter season is approaching and therefore thousands of people plan to take advantage of this celebration to have a vacation trip with their family and loved ones.

However, the year 2023 has represented a challenge in economic matters and therefore it is necessary to plan a trip that does not represent high expenses, especially if one takes into account that it will be a walk that takes place in high season. As a result, there will be high costs and possibly low availability of accommodation in the most popular destinations.

However, Google offers a series of tools that are very useful for people who need to plan their Easter holidayssaving as much money as possible and without acquiring low-quality services.

How to find cheap tickets with Google?

Google Flights helps to get cheap flights

Google Flights is a service designed to help users find cheaper flights, because the platform executes a permanent monitoring of the prices of air tickets. This tool is capable of executing an analysis on the variations in the values ​​of the tickets, depending on the destination defined by the user and the date on which the trip will be made.

Google Flights is a platform that allows you to find air tickets and plan trips. – Photo: Screenshot / Week

The platform works with an interface that allows you to view different data through a graph that displays the prices, the dates of the available flights, in order to make a more precise monitoring of the prices of a specific flight. Added to this you can go to the function of monitoring, so that the tool generates notification when a reduction in ticket prices.

Google Flights allows you to monitor the prices of air tickets to buy the cheapest option.
Google Flights allows you to monitor the prices of air tickets to buy the cheapest option. – Photo: Screenshot / Week

Plan visits to tourist sites

Google Flights also has a tool that allows you to plan visits to places of interest offered by the destination to which you will be traveling, just go to the ‘What to do’ option and the platform will show a series of tourist options to discover. Added to this, an interactive map will appear so that the user has an idea of ​​the routes that can be used and the distances that would have to be traveled to reach a point of interest.

Google Flights offers functions to plan a tourist trip in a place of interest to the user.
Google Flights offers functions to plan a tourist trip in a place of interest to the user. – Photo: Screenshot / Week
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Added to this, the platform offers a series of tabs with photographs and reviews generated by other users, these resources can provide valuable information that helps decide if a place is worth visiting. Thus, people have several inputs to plan a tourist tour without exposing themselves to experiencing unpleasant surprises.

It should be noted that Google Maps can be used as a complementary tool to locate interesting places in a city, it is also a very useful resource to determine the best possible routes to reach a certain area. Using this tool you can find good restaurants, museums, shops of interest among other places and everything depending on the time and route that is defined.

Added to this, the ‘Street View’ function will allow you to take a virtual tour of a city in order to generate a preliminary idea of ​​the things that could be found in a certain area. Thanks to this option you could detect interesting places that are inside some alleys.

How to avoid being scammed when making an online reservation

In the first place, it is key to consult recognized online travel agencies, since these brands have all the elements to offer tourist packages on reliable sites. This will help prevent potential fraud by making a reservation through a fraudulent website.

On the other hand, it is essential to execute the payment of the tickets or the reservation of an accommodation through a payment gateway such as PSE, PayU, PayPal, among others, this will help to protect the transaction and offer channels of action in case it is required. make a claim in the event of an irregularity.

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It is worth reiterating, never pay for tickets or rental accommodation directly, always go to a payment gateway in order to protect the money from the operation.

Many users are scammed when buying from fraudulent websites.
It is key to use payment gateways in online purchases to protect money from a scam. – Photo: Getty Images

Finally, it is vital to keep in mind that promotions with exaggeratedly good discounts or benefits usually cover up a dangerous scam, therefore, you should always be wary of these types of offers.

Tricks that always work to buy cheap tickets to travel in high season

  • Plan the entire trip: The ideal is to look for companies that not only offer the flight but also the hotel, transfers and activities at the destination. Savings can be achieved by bundling, compared to reserving everything separately.
  • Calculate the luggage well: Traveling only with hand luggage is an excellent option, as this factor will affect the cost of the ticket.
  • Consider airports close to the destination: the demand from all airports is not the same and interesting price differences can be found.
  • Turn scales into a profit: Although some travelers find them annoying, a trip with layovers can considerably lower the cost of the ticket. In addition, it can be the perfect opportunity to visit airports of destinations that have never been visited.

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