How to hide information and applications from a cell phone?

Since the advent of smartphones into people’s lives, they have allowed them to lead a simpler life. However, several users of these devices never let go of their cell phone, to the point of taking it with them to the bathroom; because at all times they need to be aware of their chats on WhatsApp, email and social networks.

However, there are other users who prefer to use this type of device in a more discreet way, that is, they hide all kinds of information, including applications.

In that order of ideas, the portal Xataka Android It discloses a series of methods to achieve this objective and they are the following:

Google’s operating system will have an update to Android 14. – Photo: Google

application launcher

One method to hide apps on an Android operating system is that of an app launcher. Over time this method has become a common function and it is available in Nova Launcher, Action Launcher and Microsoft Launcher.

To enter Nova Launcher, you just have to enter the launcher settings and touch the ‘Application drawer’ section. Then, enter ‘Hide applications’. Check the boxes of the respective applications that you do not want to appear.

mobile option

According to the aforementioned portal, the mobile personalization layer includes the function to hide information and applications. To achieve this, you must create a private space, separate from the usual, that is, you must enter the ‘Privacy’ section, click on ‘Private space’ and click on ‘Enable’.

There are different methods to hide apps on Android. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto
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Other user profile

Each user profile includes its own settings and applications, which is why applications that are available in one user profile do not appear in the other. In that order of ideas, If an app is installed from the Play Store on the default user profile, the app will not appear on the second profile.

To create a new user, you must enter the ‘Settings’ and press the ‘System’ section. Then, tap on ‘Several users’ and finally click on ‘Add user’.

The known methods to share the screen of a cell phone to the TV

In general, most of the images or videos that are captured with the cell phone are usually shared by this same means with other people; However, with the technological advancement, nowadays such photos and even enjoying video games that are on a mobile phone can be shared to a TV screen.

There are several methods to carry out this procedure, but all of them require an element that fulfills the role of intermediary, which can be a wireless protocol or a hardware adapter, between two devices. It is worth mentioning that the more advanced the television is, the simpler the process to establish this link will be.

high definition link

People who travel frequently and do not know what type of screen is the one where they are staying, the best option is to carry a mobile high-definition link (MHL). This adapter, at one end, has an HDMI input and at the other, it can be micro USB or USB-C to connect the mobile. As such, the main feature of MHL is the possibility of transmitting the image in high quality and surround audio.

Smart TV
Just like cell phones, smart TVs can also be updated. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto
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It is important to mention that the connection does not require additional software, since it includes a driver that converts the USB signal from the mobile device to HDMI and vice versa.

screen mirroring

In order to project the mobile screen without wires, the two paired devices must support a mirroring function. Among the best known are: Miracast, Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) and WiDi and its purpose is to banish HDMI cables.


In case of having old televisions, you can add a gadget to make it a little smarter. A well-known one is the Chromecast, developed by Google, which connects to the HDMI port of any flat screen. This accessory allows you to view streaming content (Netflix, YouTube or HBO Max) on the big screen and has the ability to send videos from your mobile.

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