How to remove the new Bing button from Microsoft Edge

If you use Microsoft Edge you already know what we are talking about, and that is that as a result of the fever that Microsoft has entered with integrating the artificial intelligence of ChatGPT wherever it can, Bing is being one of the main beneficiaries and, of course, they have not missed the opportunity to embed it in the browser to the liking, but also to the displeasure of many.

Dislike? Dislike; And I’ll be honest: although I’m not a Microsoft Edge user, I keep a close eye on Microsoft’s browser because I really like what it’s doing. On the other hand, I think that the usefulness provided by ChatGPT is being overstated, even though this has only just begun. And although Bing is a good search engine, the whole does not convince me at all. And I’m not the only one who thinks so, go ahead.

Getting to the point, it bothers me that Bing button that they have embedded in the Microsoft Edge toolbar for several reasons: it is not aesthetic, it stands out badly in the browser interface; It is not necessary, having the address bar right there and a side panel where the default search engine is already; and the option to remove it won’t come until Microsoft Edge 113. Ergo…

How to remove the Bing button from Microsoft Edge

Actually, it was enough for me to look for it to find it, but I will tell you how to do it in case it catches you better. It depends on which system you are on, it can be done one way or another, but the easiest is shared between the three for which Microsoft Edge is officially available. In essence, the simplest is to create a custom launcherregardless of whether you use Windows, macOS or Linux.

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To remove the Bing button from Microsoft Edge in Windows, of course, you will have to first disable fast launch, thus preventing the browser from running in the background when you log in. You can find the option in “Settings> System and performance” and deactivating it is not the end either because the browser will continue to run quickly.

How to remove the Bing button from Microsoft Edge

The following are the launch codes, with which you will be able to create the custom launchers. On Windows, first create a desktop shortcut for Microsoft Edge, go in and edit the properties, adding “--disable-features=msUndersideButton» (without the quotes) at the end of the «Destination» field

How to remove the Bing button from Microsoft Edge

For macOS the complete code is:

open -n -a "Microsoft Edge" --args --disable-features=msUndersideButton

And for Linux:

microsoft-edge --disable-features=msUndersideButton

And now yes, that’s all.

How to remove the Bing button from Microsoft Edge

It goes without saying that to get the button back, you just have to retrace your steps and edit the launchers, or go back to using the default ones that you’ll find in the application menus.

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