“I can’t wait to look at their faces”

Hernán Darío Gómez, an old acquaintance in Colombian football, confirmed that he will direct Junior from Barranquilla to replace Arturo Reyes, with whom the team Shark He was eliminated from the Copa Sudamericana and went on to occupy the last position in the BetPlay League.

Although Junior has not made his contract official, the Roll Gómez announced that he will be on the bench the morning of this March 15. He did it from Barranquilla, where he arrived to put his signature at the end of the contract.

in conversation with WinSports, Rollwho recently directed the Honduran team, stated that it is a dream to reach Junior and assured that he was prepared to get him out of the sports crisis in which he finds himself.

“Junior is a dream for many people, both for coaches and footballers and for me it is a great illusion… Usually here in Colombia I have had to reach parts where there are problems, it is rare for Junior to be in that position I’m happy, there are very good players and it’s a much-loved team. I’m very happy, I feel a lot of joy like never before “commented the coach, although he did not confirm how long the contract will be.

Juan Fernando Quintero scored his first goal against Envigado with the Junior jersey. – Photo: Dimayor

Roll He also referred to the payroll he has to come out of last place in the BetPlay League and he is confident that after talking with the players he can establish the reason for the crisis and take a step towards a new era.

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“Junior’s payroll is very good, the Board of Directors has made a good investment, I don’t know what’s going on, that’s why I’m going to get there to find out. It is not a team that should be in that position. I can’t wait to arrive and look at the faces of all the boys to be able to draw conclusions “exposed Rollwhose only club he managed was Independiente Medellín.

Roll Gómez showed the joy that having a player like Juan Fernando Quintero in the team generates and revealed his joy at seeing who he considers part of his family

“Juanfer’s thing is the affection of a son, because he was with me in Envigado… Once I saw him play, but in a youth team I saw that he was not there. I was directing the senior team and I said: ‘What happens that this bald man is not there?’. They put it in… It’s a love from a long time ago. It is one of the symbols of Colombian soccer and more than for soccer, I am glad that it is like my family, people of one ”, he claimed.

Juan Fernando Quintero lamenting after the elimination of Junior.
Juan Fernando Quintero lamenting after Junior’s elimination from the Copa Sudamericano. – Photo: AFP

It is worth remembering that one of the coaches most likely to lead the Barranquilla team was Reinaldo Rueda, with whom, apparently, an agreement was not reached due to the economic factor.

The departure of Arturo Reyes from Junior

On the morning of March 14, Junior from Barranquilla reported that Arturo Reyes was no longer the club’s technical director.

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“The Junior FCSA Board of Directors, in agreement with Professor Arturo Reyes, terminated the coach’s relationship with the institution as of this date”reported.

Reyes analyzed the performance of his team in the Libertad de Pasto
Arturo Reyes’ performance as DT of the Junior was 18%. – Photo: Dimayor

The institution, which in the Colombian league has only managed to win one game this season, despite the brand new contracts to be in first place in the table, thanked Reyes for what he had done and announced who will temporarily replace him in office.

Reyes’ performance was 18.1%: he added 7 defeats, 3 draws and 1 victory. Despite the team’s power in attack, with strikers like Carlos Bacca and creative midfielders like Juan Fernando Quintero, whose dream was to excel in the continental tournament, he only scored 6 goals. On the contrary, he received another 13 goals.

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