in 2022 there was an alarming number of attempted cyberattacks in Colombia

During the year 2022, Colombia and its citizens were victims of more than 20,000 million attempted cyberattacks, a criminal trend that is on the rise when compared to the results obtained during 2021, where an increase of 80% is found.

According to the company Fortinet, focused on cybersecurity, it was in charge of carrying out this study, where it found at a regional level that the Caribbean suffered more than 360 billion cyberattack attempts, Mexico negatively led this list with more than 187 billion attempts. followed by Brazil (103 billion), Colombia, and Peru (15 billion).

The growth of these types of crime is due to the increase in the use of social networks and technological platforms every day worldwide. According to this same study, the malware The most used can have up to 1 year of use, which is why this large number of attempts explains the possibility of constantly recycling more and more malicious services at a technological level to take advantage of users.

Malwares keep spreading nowadays. – Photo: Getty Images

There are different types of malware, however, among the most common are ransomwarewhich is based on malware that restricts access to certain parts or files of the infected operating system and demands a ransom in exchange for removing this restriction. On the other hand, there are wiper malwarewhich is responsible for infecting computer data until it is deleted.

Today, cybersecurity is increasingly important for companies. In order to avoid this type of situation, the Olímpica supermarket chain and Arturo Calle are among the organizations that denounced and made their public aware of having been victims, to alert their customers regarding the risks of sharing personal data that sometimes they are requested by these impersonators.

Scam documents Arturo Calle
The Arturo Calle company did not take long to clarify that this was a scam by outsiders. – Photo: Arthur Street
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This important role was highlighted by Derek Manky, Chief Security Strategist and Vice President of Global Threat Intelligence at FortiGuard Labs:

“For cyber adversaries, maintaining access and evading detection is no small feat, as cyber defenses continue to advance to protect organizations today. To counter, adversaries are adding more reconnaissance techniques and deploying more sophisticated attack alternatives to carry out their destructive intent with advanced and persistent threat methods, such as wiper malware or other evolved attacks.”

Cybersecurity - Cybercrime
Cybersecurity becomes a key factor for companies. – Photo: Getty Images

Some platforms provide specialized services with the aim of advising and preserving companies regarding their cybersecurity, so that there can be a specific follow-up of the activities that makes it possible to identify once there is strange behavior within the systems that the organizations control, in addition to carry out constant monitoring within the complaints that the clientele can make regarding the scam attempts that they may suffer, as Manky explained in more depth:

“To protect against these advanced cybercrime tactics, organizations must focus on enabling coordinated and actionable threat intelligence powered by real-time machine learning across all security devices to detect suspicious actions and initiate coordinated mitigation across the surface. of extended attack”, assured.

It is very likely that this modality will be maintained over time, due to the constant and rapid evolution that computer engineering has today, so cybersecurity also requires staying at the forefront, and therefore, companies they must be alert within their current priorities, so ordinary citizens who are victims of these crimes are also urged to make the corresponding complaints.

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