In tears, Linda Caicedo left the field after being injured in Real Madrid’s game against Tenerife

While playing date 22 of the English Women’s League, Colombian Linda Caicedo suffered an injury that immediately took her off the field. The fact has turned the concern towards the health of the national soccer player who, during her match against Tenerife, she played as a starter for Real Madrid.

The event occurred after the first 30 minutes of the match, while the Colombian was covering the left wing, when she met Verónica Herrera, a Venezuelan player signed by Tenerife, and while she was waiting to take the ball they both collided.

Linda Caicedo was presented by her new club, Real Madrid. – Photo: real Madrid FC

After the incident, the Colombian woman was left lying on the floor, touching her back as the primary source of her pain. Caicedo had to be treated by medical experts and removed from the field. Although she returned some time later to continue in the game, the Colombian had to say goodbye to the grass minutes later, and this last decision caused much more impact on her.

The Colombian’s reaction before leaving the field showed her nostalgia, to the point that other soccer players from the opposing team went to the site to console her and encourage her. Caicedo, sitting on the floor, She put her hand to her face to hide her crying, heartbroken at having to leave the game, and gave herself to the support of her colleagues until the paramedics arrived for her.

Finally, the match at the Alfredo Di Stéfano stadium ended in favor of Tenerife due to a goal in the second half by María José Pérez.

The clash between Linda Caicedo and Leicy Santos

Exactly, about five days ago Caicedo was in the capital of Spain, playing against Atlético de Madrid, where the Colombian Leicy Santos is, for a new round of the English women’s league.

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And although the game ended in a goalless tie, so there weren’t many emotions in the goal, something very curious did happen between the two Colombian soccer players that caught the attention of the fans of the two teams and the fans from Colombia who followed the Madrid classic in its women’s category.

The two Colombians had a striking confrontation in the middle of the Madrid derby.  Photo 1: Real Madrid.  Photo 2: Atlético de Madrid.
The two Colombians had a striking confrontation in the middle of the Madrid derby. Photo 1: Real Madrid. Photo 2: Atlético de Madrid. – Photo: Photo 1: Real Madrid. Photo 2: Atlético de Madrid.

It all happened because of a play in which Linda Caicedo had the ball and tried to show off, stepping on the ball and getting rid of three Atlético de Madrid players with her extraordinary technique. That’s when Leicy Santos, apparently uncomfortable by the luxuries of her compatriot, went from her and took the ball from her with enough force and putting her body in what could be considered “a push” but that is allowed in the soccer.

And apparently, this removal from Santos bothered Linda a lot, who immediately ran after the other Colombian, grabbed her by the shirt and stopped her with a foul. At that moment the tension increased, there were gestures and looks that They showed that the two Colombians were “hot” as a result of the rivalry that exists in a classic.

Then, in the replay, it could be seen that after Linda Caicedo committed the foul against Leicy Santos, she sent two slaps in search of hitting the former Deportivo Cali player; however, none of them connected it hard, fortunately. Since the referee could have considered an expulsion for the Atlético de Madrid player to attack her compatriot.

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Linda Caicedo played all 90 minutes, in what was her first full game in a Real Madrid jersey. The white team with this draw as a visitor reached 56 points and is second in the standings behind leader Barcelona, ​​which has 63 points. For his part, Leicy Santos’ Atlético de Madrid is fourth in the women’s league with a total of 40 points.

Linda Caicedo started with Real Madrid Femenino.  Photo: Real Madrid.
Linda Caicedo started with Real Madrid Femenino. Photo: Real Madrid. – Photo: Photo: Real Madrid.

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