Infantino promises that the FIFA saga “will always be the best football video game”

Gianni Infantino tries to transmit confidence with the future of the FIFA franchise. The president of the organization has reiterated that the brand will go ahead and consolidate a firm opposition to EA Sports FCwhich will take over from those who until now were responsible for it.

“The new FIFA video game, FIFA 25, 26, 27 and from now on, it will always be the best electronic video game for any boy or girl”, declared Infantino during his speech at the Rwandan Congress. “We will have news about this very soon.” At the moment it is unknown which study will take the reins of the project, although the president calls on us to know the details soon.

From FIFA to EA Sports FC

FIFA as we knew it during these years will be renamed EA Sports FC. It will be next July when the first brushstrokes of the Project will be shown to the public. The structure, modes, and gameplay will carry the new brand without altering a single iota of the content that it has always offered. Of course, without the World Cup and the tournaments organized by FIFA.

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When the transfer became known, Infantino reacted with a message similar to the one shared today: “I can assure you that the only and authentic game that will have the name of FIFA will be the best available for soccer players and fans. At that time he pointed out that they were in negotiations with “leading publishers, communication companies and investors” to shape the new simulator.

Do you want to know the future of EA Sports in detail? In this link you will find an extensive report about what we can expect this year. During its revelation on May 10, 2022, the company collaborated with multiple teams from the leagues with current agreements to convey the message of what will come this 2023. The future of virtual soccer will be revealed in a matter of months.

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