Instagram prepares a platform for those who do not like to take photos

The Instagram social network is working on a new platform, which is oriented to the publication of text, that is, it is very much in line with those users who do not like to take photos.

This application, which uses the Mastodon protocol, is known internally under the codename P92 and is still under development, led by Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram.

The project is carried out with Platformer and will allow access with Instagram credentials, but they are designing it as a decentralized social network.

According to money controlwhen created as a decentralized network, Mastodon-style, it even uses its own ActivityPub protocol.

Instagram users constantly have access to new features. – Photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images

It is worth remembering that it is not the first news that one has that Instagram works in a possible rival of Twitter.

Matt Navarra, the social media analyst and consultant, reported late last year that Meta was running its own ‘microblogging’ platform, taking advantage of the chaos Twitter seemed to have fallen into after its acquisition by tycoon Elon. Musk.

The specialist assured at that time that the Meta workers were considering the creation of the new service from different approaches: the launch of the new Instagram ‘Notes’ function, creating a text application using Instagram technology or incorporating a Twitter-like wall on Instagram.

The trick to see a profile photo on Instagram bigger

Instagram, one of the most popular social networks in the world, It has various functions and tricks that its millions of users around the world are sometimes unaware of.

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An example of this is a trick that is useful for those interested in seeing a user’s profile photos in a large size. The above can be done on both an Android phone and an iPhone.

In this sense, the user will only have to follow the following instructions:

-Enter Instagram from mobile phone.

-Then go to the stories section.

Social networks
Instagram is an application and social network of American origin, owned by Meta. – Photo: DeFodi Images via Getty Images

-Click on text (second option).

-Write the name of the user that appears in the profile photo you want to see.

-Finally, when the image appears, you just have to enlarge it.

Another option to see a user’s profile photo on Instagram large is downloading in Play Store an app called Big Profile Photo.

Then, you must carry out the following steps:

– When opening the apps You must grant the corresponding permissions and a search engine will automatically appear.

– Subsequently, enter the username that has that profile photo that you want to see large.

– Once you have entered the usernameyour photo will automatically appear large.

Another news from Instagram

In recent months, Instagram has redoubled its efforts to develop new features that help it gain ground on the competition. that it has against TikTok and other digital platforms that have recently gained popularity.

Within the framework of this initiative, Meta’s social network is working on a ‘Shared Stories’ option (shared story in English), which will provide users with the ability to share stories that were built with other profiles. However, this new type of content would be published in a similar way to Instagram Collabs.

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But now the social platform is interested in optimizing a function that operates in a similar way and that is especially dedicated to the Stories section.

Instagram works on a function to create shared stories
Instagram works on a function to create shared stories – Photo: Goal Officer

According to Alessandro Paluzzi, an expert in reverse engineering, Meta has already introduced a new button that replaces the Best Friends button and offers the option to create shared stories.

Similarly, it is worth remembering that this functionality already exists in Snapchat since May of last yeara tool that extends Custom Stories and allows you to expand the reach of posts and the size of the community.

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