Is it bad to chat while the phone is charging?

As cell phones became popular among the people, many of their users became highly dependent on their battery life, fearing being cut off at inconvenient times.

This situation caused people will develop great anguish for having a point nearby to be able to recharge their phone, in order to keep the device working permanently.

Therefore, it is very common for certain users to face difficult situations when they discover that the battery of their smartphone lasts less and less time and In certain cases, they are forced to keep the phone connected to its charger in order to use their equipment continuously.

However, some people are unaware that cell phone charging problems may be the result of a series of bad habits they have had with their smartphone, which ended up damaging the cell phone battery.

In the context of this situation, There is a belief that phones should not be used to receive calls, chat, watch series, check social networks or play games when they are charging. Since this practice could affect the duration of the charge or generate greater damage to the battery, in addition to producing possible effects on some internal components of the equipment.

Do not let the cell phone battery completely discharge. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Does using the phone while it is charging damage the battery?

It is important to keep in mind that in recent years smartphone charging technology has undergone a notable evolution, this has allowed the appearance of batteries with greater capacity, wireless or reversible charging technologies, together with high-power fast charging systems.

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Therefore, the Modern phones have security mechanisms that prevent damage to the battery or other components in the event that the user uses his smartphone while the equipment’s battery is being recharged.

This is due to the fact that it is currently almost impossible not to use the device while it is connected to a power source, since applications such as WhatsApp, social networks and email do not allow 100% detachment from the cell phone.

So that It is possible to use the phone while it is charging its battery, since no problem will occur despite the fact that the device tends to overheat. It is also false that the user is exposed to a certain type of harmful radiation by touching his mobile while it is charging.

Although there is evidence that modern smartphones are not prone to critical damage from being used while the battery is charging, several manufacturers do recommend leaving the phone still for the first ten minutes of charging, to ensure that the battery receives energy correctly.

On the other hand, manufacturers such as Samsung point out that Handling the phone when it is recharging can extend the time it takes for the device to recover its full power, as the charge will go at a slower rate.. This is because it is an internal protocol that some devices have, to manage a continuous flow of energy in a safe way for the equipment.

Bad habits that definitely damage the cell phone battery

Keep functions that are not needed

Using devices consciously is key to optimizing battery life, as many people have the habit of keeping functions such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth activated when they are not needed. According to Juan Maldonado, PR Manager of OPPO Colombia, This situation causes unnecessary battery drain and therefore the user will have to recharge the equipment. unnecessarily frequently, which accelerates battery deterioration.

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Do not use the original charger

Generally, smartphones have a charging capacity recommended by their manufacturers, this capacity may vary depending on the amperage and watts that the battery can support. Carolina Ceballos, Xiaomi Public Relations manager, told WEEK that For this reason, it is crucial to always use the original cell phone charger or use an option approved by the brand, in order to prevent possible overheating or force the battery to wear more.

iPhone cell phone charger
iPhone chargers are not sold with them to help the environment, according to the company. The photo is taken with SONY AIII camera. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Keep charge one hundred percent

Specialists recommend keeping the smartphone’s battery charge between 20 and 80%, because in this way you can prevent the power cells from suffering unnecessary wear, this can prevent their useful life from running out prematurely. In the same way, it is a mistake to recharge the cell phone when its energy has reached zero.

It is advisable to carry out the power charge when the device is at 10% or 15%, and the equipment should be immediately disconnected when the power reaches 100%.

Cell phone battery
Most people agree that a good cell phone should have a high battery performance. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

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