Is it bad to never turn off the cell phone? This is what the experts say

Today, cell phones are almost essential for people’s daily lives, since they went from being a useful tool for calls and messages, to being a device with multiple possibilities for working, studying, taking pictures, using different applications, among others. others. However, This tool does not last for a lifetime, as its durability is a minimum of 12 months or up to 4 years, if it is kept in good condition.

In this way, it is important to take care of the device so that its useful life is prolonged. With this, the specialized portal computer today He points out that although the mobile operating system is designed so that it should never be turned off, there are people who have not done so for years. Therefore, it is advisable to completely turn off the mobile from time to time, but it is not good to do it very often either.

It is worth mentioning that a smartphone can work perfectly without ever turning it off, but the problem is that with use, many applications remain activated in the background, which causes greater consumption of resources. Also, the caches that manage temporary data fill up or are not emptied correctly, which causes the device to slow down more and more. In this way, experts advise turning off the cell phone so that the hidden apps in the background are deactivated and the caches are emptied.

Experts advise turning off the cell phone so that the hidden apps in the background are deactivated and the caches are emptied. – Photo: Getty Images
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However, it is important to keep in mind that turning off the cell phone very often is not recommended either. When the device is turned off, all applications are closed and as such the operating system will have to fully load them again when they are used again, and this process is the one that consumes a lot of battery.

For his part, technical consultant Bob Motamedi explains in Business Insider that the ideal period to turn off the cell phone is to do it once a week. For example, it can be turned off on Sunday, so that on Monday the mobile is completely clean and can be used in its maximum condition.

How long should a cell phone be turned off?

According to the aforementioned portal, turning a cell phone off and on again is not correct because the RAM memory requires time to be completely erased. But they also don’t make any sense to leave it off all night or 24 hours like people do, only two minutes are enough for the mobile to fully discharge and the volatile memory to be erased.

In this way, the best recommendation is to turn off the device for two minutes once a week, so that it works optimally.

Leaving your phone charging overnight can damage its battery.
Turning off and turning on a cell phone is not correct because the RAM memory requires time to be completely erased. – Photo: Getty Images

What you really should or shouldn’t do to make your cell phone battery last longer

The battery is an essential requirement for the smartphone, but it often happens that some positive actions or habits are totally obstructed by practices that are not very beneficial for the “health” of the communication tool.

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Going to compilations of various technology blogs and technical repair of devices, there is a list of what really should or should not be done so that the cell phone battery lasts longer, in other words, of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to giving it energy to the cellphone.

What not to do (disadvantages):

  • Allow the smartphone to charge from 1% to 100% full.
  • Use cables that are not original.
  • Let the phone charge overnight. The hours can get to complete the full sleep cycle.
  • Using too many apps and leaving them open.
Cell phone battery.
The cell phone can receive severe damage. – Photo: Getty Images
  • Allow the mobile device to overheat while playing.
  • Charge with broken or damaged cables.
  • Abuse fast charging.
  • Take it to maintenance in places not authorized by the cell phone brand.
  • Leave the mobile in sunlight or in places that get very hot.

What to do (advantages):

  • Keep the battery between 20% and 80%.
  • Calibrate the battery.
  • Do not charge for many hours.
  • Use power saver when load decreases.

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