Is it better to charge the computer on or off?

Laptops have become an alternative for all kinds of situations, whether for online classes or work meetings, because they offer the possibility of taking them anywhere.

The batteries of this type of computer have more and more autonomy. However, like all electronic devices, they lose their capacity over time, which leads them to reduce the charging time, which is why users should know the status of the PC battery.

The capacity of the batteries in laptops is generally measured in milliwatt hours (mWh), that is, if the laptop battery comes from the factory with 40,000 mWh and after several months of use its maximum capacity will only be 20,000 mWh, having a wear is 50%, which is why its duration is not six hours, but three.

Laptops are a valid option for people. – Photo: Getty Images

Users should keep in mind that the best option is to charge the battery between 60% and 40%. If the battery is full, it is advisable to disconnect it from the current, since lithium batteries are sensitive to temperature. Forcing the charge can considerably reduce its useful life.

The ideal charging conditions are to connect the laptop when it is turned off, with a moderate temperature and not wait for it to decrease to more than 25%.

How to find out the battery status of a laptop?

According to the medium The Republic from Peru, to know the battery status of a laptop you can use Windows itself.


  • Press the Windows + X keys.
  • In the tab that appears, click on the ‘Windows PowerShell’ section.
  • In the command window type the following: powercfg /batteryreport /output C:\battery-report.html and press Enter.
  • Then, open the file explorer and enter the C root folder to examine the battery report.
The laptop battery can be significantly deteriorated. – Photo: Getty Images
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Tricks to make a laptop battery last longer

On the web, different experts have shared some tips to take care of the useful life of your laptop and especially its battery.

The first thing to keep in mind is that Do not let the device download completely, because doing so could compromise other parts of the computer.

Likewise, doing the opposite and waiting for it to load to 100% is another harmful practice for the health of the laptop. The recommendation, in this case, is to wait until it is at a minimum of 20% to connect it to the current and disconnect it when it reaches 80%.

Another of the actions that affect the equipment’s battery is believing that removing it and using the computer connected to the wall will last longer. This could affect other important parts of the device related to power consumption and some parts of the hardware.

In the same way, the issue of cooling is key for laptops to have a longer life; Due to their size, not all of them have cooling systems, so it is necessary to use special bases to ventilate the device and maintain a stable temperature that does not affect the battery.

User using a Laptop PC.
User using a Laptop PC. – Photo: PA

Experts also recommend avoiding disconnecting the device from the wall from time to time, because this practice reduces the capacity of the battery.

Finally, in the case of those who use their machines to enjoy video games, the recommendation is to remove the battery, since energy consumption is higher due to the requirements that the equipment makes on the graphics cards and processors.

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