Is the end of voice memos? WhatsApp will launch a function that would change everything

WhatsApp is working on the implementation of a new function that would make it possible to transcribe the voice notes that users receive in the chats of the popular instant messaging platform.

This new tool was detected in the new version of WhatsApp beta for iOS, and with it, users would be given a new resource to Being able to know the content of an audio at times when it is not possible to listen to it.

It should be noted that in September 2021 and some indications had been known that suggested the intention of the messaging application instant in developing a feature that would make it possible to transcribe voice memos. However, weeks later the platform interrupted this initiative “for unknown reasons”, according to the international press at the time.

Voice messages in a WhatsApp chat. – Photo: Goal Officer

Now WABetaInfo, a portal specialized in filtering WhatsApp news, revealed that the latest beta version of WhatsApp for iOS (v23.3.0.73) has resumed the commitment to implement a voice message transcription service, which can be used in cases that the user deems necessary. This in order to provide a tool that is useful for situations in which it is not possible to listen to a voice note, for example, in a meeting or in a space where noise cannot be made when playing audio.

At the moment it is known that said transcription would be done without the need to go to tools external to the messaging application, but it would be necessary to download a corresponding language pack.

This process would guarantee that the text generated from a voice note would enjoy the end-to-end encryption used by the platform in its chats, therefore, that information will never be shared with WhatsApp or Apple, thus maintaining data privacy.

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According to a screenshot by WABetaInfo, it shows that the platform already generates an information screen where it explains the reasons why a transcript might not be available.

WhatsApp is working on a function that allows you to transcribe audio.
WhatsApp is working on a function that allows you to transcribe audio. – Photo: Screenshot by WABetaInfo

So, the platform will indicate to the user that they will not be able to execute a transcription when you do not recognize words that are present in the voice memo. You will also not be able to output the text when the audio when the language setting is different from the one contained in the voice memo.

Importantly, this feature is also being developed for Android devices, as WABetaInfo has confirmed, in response to a question raised in the Twitter thread where he shared the information.

Similarly, this The latest update also includes a solution for users who have had problems when trying to send documents on iOS.

WhatsApp and the trick to discover who your partner is chatting with, without using dangerous ‘apps’

Some WhatsApp users are unaware that the platform has a tool that exposes user activityby highlighting the contacts with whom you chat the most.

In addition, it is a method that does not require the installation of apps unofficial or require payment to use them.

So, by resorting to this trick, the operation of the phone will not be jeopardized, nor will the personal information (chats, photos, and videos) that the user has stored on their smartphone.

To discover which are the contacts to which a WhatsApp user sends messages the most, it is necessary to follow the following steps:

  • Open WhatsApp and go to the main menu of the application, pressing the three-dot button that is in the upper right part
  • Select the ‘settings’ option.
  • Tap on ‘Storage & Data’ and then choose ‘Manage storage’.
  • Enter ‘manage storage data’
  • An indicator will appear on the screen that reflects how much space it occupies on the phone, the files received by the app
  • Review the list of contacts that appears on the screen, the first places are the numbers with which the user chats the most.
WhatsApp has a function to find out which people the user chats with the most.
WhatsApp has a function to find out which people the user chats with the most. – Photo: Screenshot / Week
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It should be noted that despite the fact that this method does help to expose the names of the contacts with which a WhatsApp user communicates the most, this option was not implemented in the apps for that purpose.

Originally, this tool has the function of helping users to quickly check and delete unnecessary files. which are stored from the popular instant messaging application.

In this way, you can quickly free up storage memory on the phone.

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