It’s time? These are the ‘symptoms’ to know when to change your iPhone

One of the most widely used cell phones in the world are those of the renowned Apple brand, as users resort to buying an iPhone with the idea of ​​enjoying its technical characteristics, among which the resolution of its cameras and agility stand out. of the operating system.

Everyone makes the decision to purchase an iPhone phone or not, since The price of these devices can be very high in relation to the pocket of the people. For example, in Colombia it is estimated that the cost can triple, making having one of these devices a luxury.

Technology has changed at amazing paces, which is why every year new creations arrive that steal the eyes of users, much more for the experiences that the well-known cell phone brands promise them. So, As there are transformations, the useful life of smartphones, specifically the iPhone, begins to fade.

The iPhone enters the market for the most expensive and innovative mobile telephony. Photo: Apple. – Photo: Manzana

Cell phone technicians and blogs like Today at Appleindicate that there are several factors that must be taken into account when considering the time or moment to purchase a new iPhone, specifically because the device begins to lose capacity and its operation is not the most optimal.

Likewise, the updates may not be received, since it should be noted that Apple details that the changes that are made to its iOS operating system begin to become valid from the iPhone 7 onwards, which means that the previous models can be seen with the need to acquire the tools that the great technological conglomerate has.

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As it is, the portal Business Insider slogan that the useful life of an iPhone is approximately five to seven yearsalthough it never hurts to learn to identify the ‘symptoms’ to know when to buy a new smartphone.

How to make the decision to change iPhone?

The change or replacement of the famous apple brand cell phones can be due to several factors. Connoisseurs of the subject say that the combination of the following trio of ‘symptoms’ indicates not to wait any longer and invest in a new mobile device.

iPhone 14
(Photo by Budrul Chukrut/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) – Photo: SOPA Images/LightRocket via Gett
  • 1. Hardware upgrades

According to data shared by xataca, the user must compare the new physical characteristics that the fact of acquiring a recent iPhone has. After this, the news of the hardware in its entirety, since each model is launched with various curiosities.

In that sense, it is estimated that the most ‘pro’ updates for iPhone are usually in the Pro and Pro Max devices, the highest value on the market. So if the user notices that he doesn’t update the hardware The recommendation is to purchase at least one model prior to the most recent and thus ensure the useful life of the device.

This variable is the one that causes the most inconvenience and for which many come to replace their iPhone. The first thing to mention is that Apple recommends charging your cell phones without interrupting the process, also if it is done through the USB connection with a computer, the advice is that this charging supply device remains on.

iPhone cell phone charger
iPhone chargers are not sold with them to help the environment, according to the company. The photo is taken with SONY AIII camera. Getty Images – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto
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Brand experts say that It is normal for cell phones in general to have a minimum degradation of 2% in their battery, but if a person uses chargers that are not original, the decline increases. In addition, after two or three years the detriment of the battery begins to be noticed to the point where the application store -App Store- does not work and is a cause for replacement.

If all of the above happens in less than a year from the purchase of the iPhone and even the phone overheats, the company usually replaces the device based on the purchase contract.

  • 3. iOS Update

The iPhone iOS operating system cannot be left out. As it works on Android, the same goes for iPhone phones and the Achilles heel that occurs is that it cannot be updated with the new changes on all devices.

Apple gives five to six years of updates, depending on the smartphone version. Added to this, it’s no secret that updates will keep coming, essentially sticking to iPhone 11 onwards.

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