Jessica Cediel revealed why she did not pass a ‘casting’ in Hollywood

The Bogota star "to love is to mature", a film that opens this March 16 in Colombia.  Archive
The woman from Bogotá stars in “To love is to mature”, a film that opens this March 16 in Colombia. Archive

Jessica Cediel She is one of the most recognized Colombian presenters today. The woman from Bogota is working on the reality “La descarga” from Caracol Televisión, however, one of its objectives is to reach Hollywood, a step that it has not yet taken but in which it already had the opportunity to present a casting, but it did not happen.

Jessicawho in addition to being a presenter is a model and actress, recalled in an exclusive interview for Sklaper, when she had a casting to be part of a project in Hollywood, she assured that there they told her that her physical appearance was adequate, however, she did not continue in the process because of his level of English at the time.

“A long time ago I did a casting for a project in Hollywood, in Los Angeles, and they told me that because of the look, very pretty and everything, but I needed English. So that’s where I screwed up.” pointed out the presenter

However, she also stressed that on one occasion a producer approached her to offer her a film production in the United States, he would have stressed how pretty she was and would have assured that he would put her to work in hollywoodbut that this would happen if she agreed to the sexual pretensions with which this man had contacted her, so without thinking twice, she decided to reject the proposal.

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“Once they made me an offer, but an offer that a woman like me would not accept. A big producer told me: — you’re perfect, come on, I’ll put you here, but you already know what you have to do and obviously I sent you flying, I told you no, nothing to do with it, I’m not that kind of woman. The difficult path is the one I like,” he said. Jessica Cediel.

Regarding working in international films, Jessica He stated: “I haven’t done as much homework to go knocking on doors, but I think this could be a good year to do it.”

Jessica Cediel is the protagonist of the new film by Harold Trompetero, this time the actress will play Elizabeth, a woman who has been with her partner for more than 15 years (played by Diego Camargo), who feels that they are getting old and has a wish deep of being a father, something she doesn’t feel so sure about, so they will go through a series of challenges that will make them mature.

The presenter and model also referred to what it is like to work with Harold Trumpeter, whom she considers the first person who trusted her to be an actress.

“The movie was an offer from Harold. I have always said that I started in the world of acting thanks to him, because he was the one who discovered me and gave me the opportunity to start working in this field. In 2013 we made a film called ‘Todas para uno’ and this (To love is to mature) is like the continuation, renewed version. Then he told me: —Jessi, we want to do like a second version, change the approach a little— and from one I said yes, he told me about the casting, he gave me the script and from one I accepted the project because it seemed very real to me.

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Harold Trumpeter is a renowned film director, and after directing what was a box office success A partner in New Yorkwill present the Colombians ‘To love is to mature’, production QUE has a duration of 90 minutes and will be released in movie theaters in the country on March 16.

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