Jonathan Blow’s The Witness: Puzzle Heaven

Forgive us if we exaggerate, but the fact that the independent industry is what it is today owes a great deal to Jonathan Blow. His debut in 2008 with the phenomenal braidon Xbox Live Arcade on Xbox 360, gave rise to other great indies that would come later, such as Fez, Limbo either super meat boy, small games that became big and fertilized a land that today is cultivated down to the last square meter. Unfortunately, Blow isn’t what you’d call a prolific creator, but he can surely boast of placing his two games released so far among the top 10 indies of all time. The other is indeed Witness.

Surely it did not have the impact of Braid -which, after all, was the first-, but The Witness is another absolute genius, and that is that we are talking about a game for which you have to be inventive to remove a defect at any level: gameplay , design, technical… If we immerse ourselves in his proposal it is difficult for us not to fall captivated.



What The Witness proposes is nothing but an island with a wonderful artistic section to the top of environmental puzzles, logic… But you have to be aware of what we are facing, and that is that we are not going to find any kind of tutorial: Blow throws us headlong into this succession of visual puzzles. It is a challenging challenge, demanding, but also very satisfying.

It is also noteworthy the variety in the puzzles that we will face, because after all, We are going to find about 500, of which 1 specifically, Blow assured at the time that only someone almost gifted would be able to solve. And having said that, while you are solving puzzles, you will find yourself surprised walking quietly around the island or discovering the mysteries that it contains… that there are.

Why play it?

  • One of the best puzzle games ever.
  • Along with Braid, essential to meet a great creative.
  • A perfect difficulty curve… although it can reach a slightly high peak.
  • As visually beautiful as it is perfectly playable.

Where to find it?

The Witness is currently available on both the PS Store and the Microsoft Store, for PS4 and Xbox One, and can be played on PS5 and Xbox Series thanks to the backward compatibility of both. Also on Steam.

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