Karol G launches exclusive stickers on WhatsApp, so you can have them on your cell phone

Karol G, one of the most important artists in the urban genre, has released a new album called ‘Mañana ser bonito’ and along with this musical work, the Colombian singer has presented a curious package of exclusive stickers for WhatsApp.

The bet of the interpreter of hits like ‘Provenza’ or ‘Tusa’ is to be present in the chats of the users of the popular instant messaging platform, in order to be closer to her fans.

This pack of stickers is made up of 16 animated illustrations in which redheaded mermaids appear dancing, tears, kisses, angels and devils, flowers and skulls, thorny hearts and typical Colombian phrases such as ‘qué chimba’, among others.

As revealed by the popular Meta platform, the singer from Medellín was the one who chose the images for her colorful sticker pack, as they were inspired by the artistic design of her new album. In addition, the Colombian wanted the images to reflect different emotions and feelings that she experienced during a moment of transition and transformation in her life and musical career.

“I was delighted to see that elements of my new album cover could be used in conversations. I’m super excited that everyone can now use the ‘Tomorrow will be beautiful’ stickers on WhatsApp!” declared the Colombian artist, winner of two Latin Grammy awards, who for this new work had collaborations with the Colombian pop star Shakira -with who sings ‘TQG’.

Thus, the stickers of the interpreter of “Cairo”, “X if we return”, and “Gatúbela” are now available to WhatsApp users around the world (both Android and iOS).

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How to download the new Karol G stickers for WhatsApp?

Downloading the Karol G sticker pack is a very simple process, first of all it is essential to have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on the phone. Then you must open an individual or group chat and then you will have to press the stickers option, later you will have to select ‘open WhatsApp sticker store’ (icon that looks like a circled +).

Karol G launches a pack of stickers to celebrate the release of his new album. – Photo: Screenshot / Week

Immediately on the screen a list will appear with all the sticker packs that are available, among them will be the Karol G pack. Now the ‘download’ option must be selected and in a couple of seconds the stickers will be available to the user.

WhatsApp launched a pack of stickers for fans of Karol G.
WhatsApp launched a pack of stickers for fans of Karol G. – Photo: Screenshot / Week

WhatsApp launches new personalized stickers

A couple of months ago WhatsApp launched a function that allows you to create personalized avatars, this as a bet for users of the popular instant messaging service to have a new resource that would make interactions in chats more entertaining.

Thanks to this tool, those who use the instant messaging service have the possibility of generating an animated figure that can have a similar appearance to the user or a totally different aspect, in addition, HE will generate a pack of stickers based on said avatar so that they can be used in all the conversations that are handled from the platform.

Custom avatars have been enabled in WhatsApp.
Custom avatars have been enabled in WhatsApp. – Photo: Composition of WEEK
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In fact, said avatar can also be integrated into other Meta platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, in order to allow people to use this resource and its stickers in all the social services offered by Mark Zuckerberg’s company.

But a new report from WABetaInfo, a portal specialized in filtering WhatsApp news, revealed that The instant messaging platform launched a new update that seeks to give more depth and personality to the stickers that are generated based on the avatar that a user has created.

However, the portal indicated that this update does not represent an increase in the number of stickers that will be available, since the novelty consists of a substitution of some stickers for others that allow to better highlight the intention of a message or the personality of the people who use that resource.

In such a way that the update will consist of the redesign of a couple of decals. According to a screenshot, more colorful illustrations and more expressive animations have been incorporated.

WhatsApp updated the stickers that accompany the personalized avatars of the users.
WhatsApp updated the stickers that accompany the personalized avatars of the users. – Photo: Screenshot by WABetaInfo

In order to access this novelty, it is necessary for the user to update the WhatsApp application on their phone, in order to start using the new package of stickers based on their avatar.

Despite the fact that the screenshot shows the appearance of the new stickers on iPhones, it is important to note that this novelty is also available on all Android devices compatible with the latest version of the popular instant messaging application.

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