Kyphosis, a disease that seriously affects older adults, what is it?

According to the Mayo Clinic, kyphosis “is an exaggerated forward curvature of the upper back,” which tends to affect older people more, since it weakens the bones of the spine, causing fractures.

However, children and adolescents are not exempt, since it is presented by “the malformation of the spine or the wedging of the bones”, and although the symptoms are not necessarily noticeable when the curvature of the back or spine is increasingly more exaggerated —hunchback—, the pains are sharp.

It is then that the specialized medical center explains that the vertebrae of the spine resemble “stacked cylinders”, which once they change their curvature, is where kyphosis appears. There are several conditions that are associated with it, such as:

  • Osteoporosis: According to the specialized center, this disease affects the bones, weakening them, causing fractures due to slight movements. The entity explains that these injuries are recurrent in the wrists, spine and hip.

In addition, he explains that osteoporosis occurs “when the generation of new bone is slower than the loss of old bone”, detailing that the most common symptoms are: back pain, a stooped posture and bone fractures.

Fractures are associated with osteoporosis. – Photo: Getty Images
  • Scheuermann’s disease: Kids and Health points out that it is a condition that directly affects the back, causing the appearance of the hump. The most relevant symptom is back pain.
  • Fractures: the US National Library of Medicine (MedlinePlus) notes that a fracture “is a break, usually in a bone. Yeah The broken bone breaks the skin, it is called an open or compound fracture.. They are usually associated with diseases such as osteoporosis due to the loss of bone density and mass.
Reference photo on back pain
There are exercises that help relieve back symptoms. – Photo: Getty Images
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However, patients with kyphosis have complications in their digestive system and even have reflux.

The Clinic explains that the drugs that are usually used to counteract the disease are pain relievers associated with osteoporosis. Nevertheless, Within the therapy there are exercises that combat the difficulty of movement caused by the disease.

Back pain, a common symptom

The Mayo Clinic explains that one of the main reasons for absence from work is back pain, which can be intense, perceived in some cases as a burning sensation in that area of ​​the body.

American research entity he also points out that a muscle strain, a bulge, arthritis, low back pain, osteoporosis, and even kyphosis can be related to this symptom.

For example, the first case related to low back pain is the wrong force exerted after lifting heavy items and/or injuries caused by an accident or improper posture.

The term defined for these pains in the lower back is ‘lumbago’, so injuries to the muscles and ligaments in the area are also frequent. The main causes of these pains are hernias, cancer, muscle spasms, tears, among others.

Back Pain - Reference Image
Back pain is a symptom of various diseases. – Photo: Getty Images

It is then that the people most likely to experience back pain are those who they do not exercise, they are overweight, they are over 40 years old, they make sudden movements and they consume cigarettes excessively.

How to prevent back pain?

The change of unhealthy habits is favorable for the body because they contribute to its health and to counteract the conditions that back pain can develop. Therefore, the following tips are useful for its prevention:

  • Have a regular physical routine.
  • A good diet that includes fruits and vegetables to reduce the chances of being overweight.
  • Give up smoking.
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