Meta reveals new details about its paid subscription system

Meta has launched this Friday, March 17, its verification system in the United Stateswhich allows access to the badge and additional protections with the payment of a monthly subscription for its social networks Facebook and Instagram.

The verification system announced by the technology company in mid-February is now available to US users of Facebook and Instagramas announced by the executive director, Mark Zuckerberg, and picked up by the media analyst Matt Navarra.

Zuckerberg points out that this system awards the verification badgebut it also offers protection against identity theft and direct access to customer service.

As already anticipated in February, the cost of this subscription is $11.99 per month (58 thousand pesos) or $14.99 (75 thousand pesos) if purchased through the iOS application, and is aimed mainly at content creators.

Verification could cost about $11.99 ($58,880) per month. – Photo: SOPA Images/LightRocket via Gett

Everything you need to know about the new paid subscription on Facebook and Instagram

Meta has started testing its new subscription service, which will allow users to verify their Facebook and Instagram accounts as well as gain visibility, but won’t let them change personal details such as name or profile picture at first.

Meta Verified is the name given to the new paid subscription service prepared by the Facebook and Instagram matrix for both social networks. The technology company confirmed this weekend that it will include additional benefits and functions for content creators.

Its main proposal is account verification, which, unlike what Twitter offers, will require an official identity document to verify the identity of the user. This, however, will be limited at first to the real name.

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Verification could cost about $11.99 ($58,880) a month. – Photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images
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Once the profile has been verified, the user will not be able to modify data such as the name or the usernamethe date of birth or the profile photo, since, in the event of changing any of these data, the account would have to be verified again.

The technology company has confirmed to TechCrunch which is working on a process so that users can make changes to the mentioned data without having to cancel the subscription.

The subscription requires minimum conditions for users who want to join it upon payment, such as being 18 years old,The image of the official document matches that of the social network profile and have a recent history of publications.

Regarding the blue badge that will indicate that the account has been verified, at first both the account with subscription and the one without it will share the same badge, but over time the company will incorporate the follower count in more places on legacy verified accounts to differentiate them from paid accounts.

The purpose of the subscription is for creators to “grow their presence and build a community faster” on both Facebook and Instagram with individual subscriptions. For it, will monitor the authenticity of the account user at all times, give access to support and greater visibility and reach.

This paid subscription will begin to be tested on a limited group of users, but it is not the first subscription proposal offered by Meta, focused on offering exclusive content to followers.

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Verification could cost about $11.99 ($58,880) per month. – Photo: Getty Images
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Facebook already introduced subscriptions in 2020 and they are available in close to 40 countries around the world, by invitation. Here the user makes a monthly payment in exchange for access to additional digital content or exclusive services for fans.

Instagram also tests a subscription modefor which it offers three options depending on the type of exclusive content that the creator wants to offer: live videos, stories that allow interaction with ‘stickers’, or ‘badges’ to identify subscribers in the comments of the ‘feed ‘.

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