Meta tests the return of Messenger to the Facebook app

The Messenger messaging service will return to the Facebook social networking app as part of new work Meta is doing to integrate the two apps.

It should be remembered that Meta unlinked Messenger from Facebook in 2014thus preventing users who did not download the messaging ‘app’ from having access to messages from the mobile application of the social network. A year later, it was no longer necessary to have an account on the social network to use the messaging application.

Meta’s decision is based on an experience he offers with an AI. – Photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images

Almost ten years later, the company has decided to reverse that movement, with the announcement of some tests that will allow users to check the Messenger inbox in the Facebook ‘app’.

These are some of the novelties that Meta has announced in the framework of its explanation about

Likewise, the company has reported that 140,000 million messages are sent every day in its applications. In the case of the sharing of reels through direct messages, it is estimated at close to a billion times a day on Instagram.

Regarding the Community Chats for Messenger and Facebook, available since February, Meta has noted that “the number of people testing community chats has increased by 50 percent in December 2022.”

All this data has led the technology company to confirm that “they will build more ways to integrate messaging features on Facebook.”

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Meesenger parted ways with the app in 2014. – Photo: Getty Images

On the other hand, Meta indicated that it uses an AI for users to discover content, both in reels, of which it affirms that there are more than 140 billion views on Facebook and Instagram daily, as well as photos, text, groups, videos short and long.

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The company also uses AI “to identify creators who may appeal to your interests.” and improve the way they recommend reels and other content from creators in the user feed.

“Our investments in AI are unlocking new ways for people to discover new and great content on Facebook and share it with the people who matter to them,” they say from the company.

This is how Messenger seeks to stop BeReal

Meta is testing a feature in Messenger called Roll Call, which invites users to share content after receiving a notification through a group chat, a format very similar to the one currently used by BeReal.

BeReal is an application that encourages users to improvise and stop looking for the perfect frame in their publications, with the aim of encouraging improvisation. To do this, it has a warning system and a limited time to share content.

Every day, all users receive a notification at a random time at the same time, which varies depending on the day and week. Once the platform has been accessed, it offers two minutes to take a photograph from two perspectives at the same time: that of the rear and front lens of the ‘smartphone‘.

BeReal of European origin is a social network that competes against Instagram and TikTok.
BeReal of European origin is a social network that competes against Instagram and TikTok. – Photo: Official BeReal

Meta has taken this concept to introduce a new feature in Messenger called Roll Call, available in Messenger group chats and with which it is currently working internally, as the company has confirmed to TechCrunch.

With this functionality, the technology company intends to “help people share authentic moments with friends and family” and, in principle, it will be aimed at sharing images and videos, as has been advanced by the social media consultant Matt Navarra, who has had access to Roll Call.

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