Mhoni Vidente’s horoscope and predictions for this Friday, March 10

It begins on the second Friday of March and the fortune teller Mhoni Vidente announces her predictions on topics such as work, money, health or love, according to the needs of each zodiac sign.


For people with the aries sign, good energies will continue to accompany them. He only has to take care of carrying out the pending work issues so that he can enjoy this weekend as it should be. On the other hand, communication will be the basis of the activities that will be carried out on this day, therefore, you must be careful in the way you express yourself with the people around you.


On the love plane, the love relationship of Taurus people will go well, since the compatibility they have with their partner is strong. He will have a day filled with lots of passion and romance. In matters of work, there is no need to worry, even though many changes are taking place. In case of uncertainty, you can talk to your bosses to make known what worries you.


Good fortune smiles on Gemini people. They will have a streak of positive energy that can benefit all areas of life, especially economically. For this day, a person from the past will look for them, but those cycles must be closed. This will help him to have a state of peace that he has not enjoyed for a long time.

Yellow is one of the most used colors in astrology, since it means abundance, fortune or prosperity for the zodiac signs. Getty Images. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto


Cancer, you must pay close attention to the actions and what you do and say with your partner. Although he is usually a person who tends to feel attacked by any situation, for this day he tries to discuss things with his partner so that there are no more disagreements. In health, you should not neglect eating habits, as well as the exercise routine.

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For Leo people, at work the stars align in their favor. Besides, positive energies will help you get the job you want, so you should always fight for what you want. On the other hand, you must take care of what you consume, because otherwise you may suffer some stomach problems.


Virgo people are characterized by being responsible with their finances, so on this day they will try to move forward with the payments that are pending, as well as the debts that are delayed. In terms of love, I agree with them as very important in the relationship, so both must respect them so that things flow harmoniously.

There are people who are interested in learning about reading the stars. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto


Positive changes are coming for people with the sign of Libra, although it does not seem that they are getting out of that loop in which they are. For this day there are glimpses of transformations that will be on the order of the day. In the same way, it is important to take care of your health so that you can enjoy greater physical and emotional well-being.


Be careful, misunderstandings can make you have a hard time with your partner. For this day you must avoid having problems with your soul mate, because the best thing will be to control the impulses and the way in which you react to these situations. At work, it is important to get along with colleagues, because in the end they are a team.

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Sagittarius people are affected by the fact of not being able to do things as they wish, so that part of perfection, so they should change that mentality a bit. Remember that things must be allowed to flow naturally so that in the end everything turns out well.

The movements of the stars are usually related to the horoscope. Getty Images. – Photo: Getty Images/Fotosearch RF


Care must be taken with bad energies, as it has been vibrating a little low and this is what attracts this. The ideal is to protect yourself with an amulet. As for love, problems with the partner are becoming a constant in the relationship, so you have to talk about what is happening in order to move forward.


Aquarius people stand out for going at their own pace and pace. In love, you are living overwhelmed, which affects the couple, so you must control the emotions that you have adopted in recent days. By striving for what you want, you always do well and this day is an example of this in the workplace.


Pisces season will serve to renew energy and for this day you will feel somewhat melancholic, as you will remember several people from the past who have left you various teachings. The important thing is not to stay in that past and move forward with the learning that this has left you.

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