Microsoft releases an AI like ChatGPT that helps you design apps

Microsoft today announced a wave of artificial intelligence integrations in its most important products. Although the star of the event was Microsoft 365 Copilot — which will bring GPT-4 to Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook — the deployment of AI will not be limited to the final consumer. The technology company revealed that very soon developers will be able to generate applications with instructions in natural languageChatGPT-style.

This will be possible thanks to AI Copilot, a feature that integrates AI from OpenAI into Power Apps. With her, people they will not need to have code experience to develop an application. Just describe what you want it to do through a conversation with a chatbot and artificial intelligence will do the complicated job.

AI Copilot is a wizard powered by GPT located in the Power Apps sidebar. The interaction is similar to what we do with Bing or ChatGPT and consists of express your goals in natural language. The application is developed in real time as instructions are issued and in some cases, the AI ​​will suggest some implementations to make the job easier.

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Microsoft confirmed that AI Copilot will be available as a preview on Power Platform, your platform for building low-code applications. At the moment, only users in the United States will be able to access it, although a deployment to other regions in the near future is not ruled out.

Will Microsoft’s AI replace a programmer?

AI Copilot, Microsoft's AI can develop ChatGPT-style apps

While AI Copilot is an example of how artificial intelligence facilitates application development, it is important to mention that it does not replace the work of a software engineer. Power Apps it is a low code platform (low-code) that allows you to design apps without having to master a programming language.

These platforms take the user by the hand to generate applications and customize them. Unlike others that use pre-designed templates, low-code offers greater control over development. In the case of Power Apps, Microsoft has further simplified this process by integrating an AI-powered chatbot.

The explosion of ChatGPT and generative AIs has brought the fear that we will be replaced by machines back to the table. In a matter of weeks, models like the GPT-4 or the Midjourney V5 have advanced impressively and are capable of performing complex tasks.

GPT-4 can develop apps for iPhone

Morten Just, a former Google employee, created an iPhone app that recommends 5 movies a day and the services where you can watch them. For his part, David Kjelkerud, former chief designer of Dropbox, took 30 minutes to develop a simple drawing app.

Arun Chandrasekaran, an analyst at Gartner Research, has seen the potential of AI in game development. “GPT-4’s powerful language capabilities will be used for everything from storyboarding, character creation, to game content creation,” he told CNN. “This could lead to more independent game providers in the future,” she mentioned.

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