Most popular programming languages ​​in 2023

Programming languages ​​make it possible for developers and programmers around the world create applications, online services and web pages. But the codes that move devices, programs and technologies can be written in dozens of different languages. Which one to choose at each moment?

Companies request the services of professional profiles that they know some of the programming languages ​​that they are going to need the most. They are not always the same but they usually coincide. It’s more. Comparing thousands of millions of lines of code, online consultations and job offers, companies like TIOBE prepare lists with the most popular programming languages. That is, those who usually open more job opportunities.

In the case of TIOBE, its index is published twice a year. A practical exercise to compare between periods and thus know which languages ​​are rising in popularity and which ones end up being forgotten. A fight in which there is a lot of competition and where always new contenders emerge.

The most demanded languages ​​in 2023

The March 2023 TIOBE index is very similar to its 2022 version. hardly any changes in the TOP 10 programming languages ​​that attract the most attention. To create this list, we have analyzed related searches in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube and Baidu.

The list is once again headed by Python, a language that is so fashionable thanks to its use in data science and in machine learning either machine learning. It is followed by C, Java, and two variants of the first, C++ and C#. The family Cone of the longest-lived in programming languages, is still around thanks to its use in practically everything: operating systems, software, compilers…

For his part, Java It continues to serve programmers or developers who need to code quickly and cross-platform with minimal effort. In addition, in recent data it has become a good option for complex data processing and of large amounts of data in real time. It is a similar case to SQLwhich beyond its role in databases or web tools, also serves for the data processing.

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Visual Basic remains among the most popular programming languages ​​thanks to support and support offered by Microsoft to build applications for their platforms. In addition, it facilitates the use of scripts and integrates with windows. And finally, JavaScript is still there too thanks to its role in the current web.

There are dozens of programming languages ​​to choose from in each case

Programming languages ​​that rise the most

But unlike other years, this list of programming languages ​​stands out for the New additions to the top positions. This is especially the case with Go, Matlab, Rust, Scratch and Fortran. And, curiously, each one has different reasons for being there.

go is a programming language first published in 2009. Behind this language is Google. and its purpose is end the popularity of C. Although it still has a ways to go, Go is already in the TOP 10 of the TIOBE index. In 2022 he was ranked 13th and in 2016 he came to be crowned the programming language of the year. Examples of Go-based developments are Docker either Kubernetes.

matlab goes from position 15 to 12. His role is very relevant in the matrix representation, drawings of functions, algorithms and other mathematical elements. In the words of the company that owns it, MathWorks“is the most natural way in the world to express computational mathematics. Integrated graphics make it easy to data visualization and obtaining information from them.

scratch It has also taken a big leap. From the 23rd position of the TIOBE index to the 14th. Created in the MIT Media Lab and published in 2001, this programming language is a educational project who has served in schools and institutes for teach programming to millions of children and young people. And unlike other educational projects, it continues to be a benchmark thanks to its versatility and the fact that it has adapt to the needs and new technologies.

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Fortran and Assembler are still current today
IBM 704 mainframe. Source: University of Michigan

The legacy of the oldest languages

Fortran and Assembler They have also advanced positions. Assembler It remains a reference language despite its longevity. Don’t forget that was created in 1949. For his part, Fortran was created in 1957. Both languages ​​were the beginning of programming. And if we keep talking about them after so long, it’s because they’re still as alive as the first day. Fortranin the words of IBM, “is still used daily in the weather forecasts with Doppler radar or in atmospheric and ocean studiesas well as in the simulation of nanoparticles, genomes, dna and atomic structures.

Assembler is still used for direct hardware manipulationaccess to specialized instructions of the processor, or to solve critical performance problems ”, as explained Wikipedia. It is also successful in specific niches such as extreme optimization of resourcescode for graphing calculatorscryptographic algorithms, real-time programs such as flight navigation, medical equipment and automations in sensitive environments.

Lastly, the language Rust it has also climbed many positions during these years. emerged as a alternative to C++is currently used by developments such as Cloudflare, Firefox either Dropbox. It is also used in Amazon Web Services or in Google Cloud.

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