Naruto: What will the 4 new chapters be about?

The official Naruto anime began in 2002 to tell us the story of a young orphan in a ninja village with the dream of being recognized. These adventures resulted in no less than 220 chapters over the course of 20 years, until Naruto says goodbye to train alongside the legendary Jiraiya.

In 2007 the anime had a heroic comeback with the premiere of Naruto shippuden, which resumed the plot after the hero’s return to the village. From then on, the anime continued to air for 10 years until its completion in 2017.

Shortly after, a sequel to the successful series, titled Boruto, was released.: Naruto’s Next Generation. But although it is still on the air, the plot centers on the son of Narutoand the creator of the series Masashi Kishimoto he did not join the project until later.

Perhaps this is why the celebrations for the 20th anniversary of the Naruto anime throughout 2022 they had the orphan of Konoha as their protagonist. And although the anniversary has already passed, the creators have wanted to extend the celebration to 2023 with the announcement of a new game for Nintendo Switch and, if there is luck, perhaps a new anime.

Four new chapters of Naruto in September

If you have followed the plot of Naruto and Naruto shippudenand even the adventures of Boruto, surely you were surprised by the most recent announcement related to the franchise.

Pierrot, the animation studio of Naruto, has confirmed that they are working on 4 new chapters of the series. These will be released in September 2023 and will tell us a completely new story.

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This is not the first time that the creators surprise us with something similar. In October 2022 the community was shocked after the video was released “Road to Naruto“.

It was an incredible compilation of the most significant events of Naruto, reviewing the most epic and emotional moments. However, the scenes were remastered using modern technology, further thrilling fans who have been asking for a remake of the movie for years. Naruto.

What will the new chapters be about?

Unfortunately we do not have confirmation about the content of the new chapters that will arrive during the second half of 2023. We don’t know the duration either, so they can be normal or special (longer) chapters.

That being said, it has been confirmed that the new episodes will tell us an unpublished story, so we can rule out another commemorative review. It is possible that this time they want to explore another of the adventures of Narutoalthough the community leans towards another possibility.

For a few months we have received rumors about the intentions of the creators to release new chapters. However, these would be based on the winner of the most popular character poll. As we already mentioned before, Minato Namikaze (The fourth Hokage) triumphed on the list above the beloved Itaci Uchiha. In third place was Sakura Haruno, which was probably a meme on the part of the fans.

naruto new chapters

Minato Namikaze: Is it worth delving into his story?

This is the million dollar question, and the answer may or may not be obvious depending on your experience with the chapters of Naruto.

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Minato is one of the most complete characters, with a kind and compassionate character towards his friends, but fierce and determined in the face of danger. His abilities are some of the best in the ninja world, and most of them were discovered by himself.

But the key is that despite all his achievements and feats, very little is still known about Minato Namikaze, beyond his relationship with Kushina and Naruto. We don’t know his personal experiences, who his parents were, or what it was like for him growing up in wartime. We don’t even know how he was chosen as the Fourth Hokage over other candidates like the genius Orochimaru or the experienced Danzo.

As we were informed in December, Kishimoto would be drawing an original story about the poll winner. And with the manga as a base, fans are hoping that Pierrot is taking the opportunity to animate a story about the most popular character in manga. Naruto according to the same fans.

With the announcement of the new chapters, some interesting promotional images were also shared that summarize the story of Naruto in three arcs: Naruto small, the fight against Akatsuki and the Fourth Ninja War. Since Boruto isn’t included here, it seems like it’s being taken as an individual series:

naruto new chapters

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