NASA presents the space suit that will reach the Moon with Artemis

NASA today unveiled the new spacesuit to be worn by the Artemis III astronauts, the mission in which humans will return to the Moon after more than 50 years. As promised, the design is designed to adapt to different body types. It is also more flexible and secure than previous prototypes.

The model was revealed in an act that the American space agency carried out from the Houston Center, in Texas. Present were representatives of Axiom Space, company specializing in space infrastructure and in charge of this space suit design.

Details of the suit presented by NASA.

Artemis III is scheduled for December 2025. It will be the first crewed moon landing since Apollo 17 succeeded in 1972. It will also be the first time that a woman and a black person have walked on the Moon.

“We continue NASA’s legacy by designing an advanced spacesuit that will allow astronauts to operate safely and effectively on the Moon,” Michael T. Suffredini, president of Axiom Space, said in a livestreamed event. The clothing has cost 228 million dollars – about 216 million $.

What are the advances of the new space suit that they will use on the Moon

The prototype of the suit that was exhibited is black. However, the one that will be used will be white to reflect the heat and protect astronauts from high temperatures, NASA explained in a statement. Axiom Space is known for collaborating with costume designer Esther Marquis, from the series For All Mankindfrom Apple TV+.

Presentation of the suit organized by NASA and Axiom.

The spacesuit will provide astronauts with advanced capabilities for exploration on the Moon. It has a set of tools specially developed to access, live and work in space.

“Our team of experts is ready to provide NASA with the next generation spacesuit… We carefully considered years of lessons learned by NASA and used that experience to build a spacesuit for the Moon and for our future Axiom Space customers.”

Mark Greeley, Axiom Space Extravehicular Activity program manager.

Detail of the helmet of the costume.

NASA has explained that this mission will pave the way for a long-term sustainable presence on the satellite and will serve as training for future astronaut missions to mars.

Artemis III is scheduled to land near the lunar south pole. There will be, in total, four crew members. They are expected to be around for a little less than a week. Two of them plan to carry out up to four moonwalks. For this trip, the orion Spacecraft, which in December of last year completed a test trip around the Moon that lasted almost 26 days.

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