National vs. Millionaires and Santa Fe vs. America, the highlights of date 8 of the BetPlay League; schedule and channel to see them

This Friday the eighth date of the BetPlay 2023 League will begin with the duel between Jaguares de Córdoba and the colero of the position table, Atlético Huila, at the Jaraguay stadium in Córdoba.

The date will close on March 14 with the classic of reds between Independiente Santa Fe, in need of results and with some oxygen due to their qualification to the group stage of the Copa Sudamericana, and the leader of the tournament, América de Cali.

Without a doubt, the most striking duel for this date will be the one that It will take place this Saturday at the Atanasio Girardot between Atlético Nacional and Millonariosa team that will surely raise a roster with some reservations, since it needs its best players to try to qualify for the group stage of the Copa Libertadores in the middle of the week, against Mineiro in Brazil.

On the date 7 Millionaires defeated Deportivo Cali 2-0. – Photo: Official Millionaires

Another of the striking duels is the one that will be played between Once Caldas and Deportivo Pasto; the white-white will try to enforce their patio with the desire to get away from the relegation zone, which breathes on the Copa Libertadores champion team and the Pastuso cast.

This is how the eighth date of the BetPlay League 2023-1 will be played

Jaguars FC vs. Atletico Huila

Time: 7:40 PM

Stadium: Jaraguay Television:


Deportivo Cali vs. Atletico Bucaramanga

Time: 4:00 PM

Stadium: Deportivo Cali

TV: Win+

National Athletic vs. Millonaries FC

Time: 6:10 PM

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Stadium: Atanasio Girardot

TV: Win+

Boyaca Chico vs. Independent Medellin

Time: 8:20 PM

Stadium: Independence

TV: Win+

Golden Eagles vs. Sports Pereira

Time: 4:00 PM

Stadium: Alberto Grisales

Television: Win/Win+

Junior FC vs. Envigado FC

Time: 6:10 PM

Stadium: Metropolitano Roberto Melendez

TV: Win+

Oil Alliance vs. Union Magdalena

Time: 8:20 PM

Stadium: Daniel Villa Zapata

Television: Win/Win+

Once Caldas DAF vs. sports grass

Time: 8:10 PM

Stadium: Palogrande

Television: Win/Win+

Sports Tolima vs. Equity

Time: 6:00 PM

Stadium: Manuel Murillo Toro

TV: Win+

Independent Santa Fe vs. Cali America

Time: 8:10 PM

Stadium: El Campin

TV: Win+

Yerson Candelo scored the goal that gave Atlético Nacional the win.
Yerson Candelo scored the goal that gave Atlético Nacional the win against Deportivo Pasto on date 7 – Photo: Dimayor

Table of positions League BetPlay 2023-1

Before starting date 8 of the BetPlay 2023-1 League, this is how the position table in Colombian soccer goes:

  1. América de Cali – 13 points (has a game pending)
  2. National- 12 points
  3. Golden Eagles – 12 points
  4. Chicó – 10 points (has 3 games pending)
  5. Envigado – 10 points
  6. Pereira 10 points
  7. Millionaires 9 Points (has 3 games pending)
  8. Jaguars 9 points
  9. Bucaramanga – 9 points
  10. Independent Medellin 8 points
  11. Alianza Petrolera 8 points (has a game pending)
  12. Once Caldas 8 points
  13. Deportivo Pasto 7 points (has a game pending)
  14. Unión Magdalena 7 points (has a game pending)
  15. Equity 6 points (has a game pending)
  16. Atlético Junior 6 points (has a game pending)
  17. Deportes Tolima 6 points (has a game pending)
  18. Santa Fe 6 points (has a game pending)
  19. Deportivo Cali 6 points (has a game pending)
  20. Atlético Huila 1 point (has a game pending)

Relegation table in the BetPlay 2023-1 league

Currently, Deportivo Cali has an average of 1.21, and they are above Once Caldas (1.19), Deportivo Pasto (1.19), Alianza Petrolera (1.08), Unión Magdalena (1.02) and Atlético Huila (0.17). What worries the fans of the sugar team is that the game does not appear and the team does not raise its head, in fact, of the last five games, those led by Pinto have only achieved one victory and two draws.

América de Cali, BetPlay League I-2023.  Photo: Dimayor
Before starting the eighth date, América de Cali is the leader of the BetPlay I-2023 League. – Photo: Dimayor
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In the most recent match, Deportivo Cali visited Millonarios in El Campín and conceded another 2-0 defeat against those led by Alberto Gamero, a result that did not go down well with the followers of the sugar team who are already beginning to see how the ghost of relegation looms, reminding us of the tragedy experienced by its backyard rival, América de Cali, who already knew what it was like to lose the category in 2011.

Relegation table in the BetPlay League

twenty. Athletic Hulia: average 0.17

19. Union Magdalena: average 1.02

18. Oil Alliance: average 1.8

17. Deportivo Pasto: average 1.19

16. Once Caldas: average 1.19

fifteen. Deportivo Cali: average 1.21

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