Nintendo Switch still has life ahead of it, according to the president of Nintendo of America

There is no doubt that Nintendo Switch has been the revelation console of the previous generation, and it has been such a huge success that even has managed to surpass PS4 despite having reached the market almost four years later. The latest sales data confirm this, and it is that it has taken third place among the best-selling consoles in history.

After the failure of Wii U it is clear that Nintendo needed a success of this caliber, that is also clear. The big N continues to enjoy the success of the Nintendo Switch, but due to its focus as a hybrid console, and its modest hardware configuration, It has already begun to show the passage of timeand it is increasingly evident that it is necessary to launch a successor.

said successor could come in two different ways. The first option that the big N could choose would be to launch a next-generation console much more powerful than Nintendo Switch, and the second option would be to launch a Nintendo Switch 2 that would be a natural evolution of the original, but would not be much more powerful than that, that is, would be outlined as a minor renovation.


Nothing has been finalized by Nintendo yet, so both possibilities are open. What Doug Bowser has accomplishedpresident of Nintendo of America, is that he believes that Nintendo Switch still has “a few years of life ahead of it”. Nothing has been specified, but reading between the lines it seems that we would be talking about at least 2023 and 2024. If this is confirmed, the successor to this console would not reach the market until the middle or end of 2024.

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Bowser has also commented that the success of this console, and that long life cycle that it is having despite its modest hardware, it’s mainly due to that unique approach that it has as a device, since we can use it to play anywhere, and also to play a few games comfortably at home, with the console connected to the television.

I know that years ago Nintendo stopped participating in the race to have the most powerful console, and this has worked well for them on two occasions (Wii and Nintendo Switch), but the truth is that every time I remember the days of Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64 and GameCube makes me feel a bit nostalgic, and I admit that I would love to see a big N console with the power of a next generation systemthat is, something at the level of Xbox Series X.

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