Nothing Ear (2) leaked before its presentation

Nothing has already set a date for the presentation of its next Nothing Ear (2), the wireless headphones that raise the characteristic seal of the brand. However, a few days away from the exhibition, a well-known leaker has revealed all the details of the new devicesincluding its design and specifications.

Although this report The Tech Outlook offers us new details, it is not the first time we have seen a leak concerning this pair of gadgets. In the images presented we see a design inherited from the previous generation, with a semi-transparent plastic that reveals the internal components of the headphones. However, beyond a microphone dedicated to noise cancellation that the brand has decided to move to the upper part of the body, the physical changes in the Nothing Ear (2) are not really noticeable.

In this way, the new pair of headphones delivers the same design language we already knew in the last generation. These additions are complemented by the word “Nothing ear (2)” printed on the temple of the headphones.

The leaker has also released new images that, apparently, belong to the Nothing Ear promotion (2) when they are finally presented to the world market.

What’s new in the Nothing Ear (2) specs?

The Nothing Ear (2) represent an incremental change from the first generation, but not an overly dramatic one. For example, the leaked specs reveal that its playback time increases to 6 hours (36 if we use the charging case). To put you in situation, the previous model allowed you to play content for 5.7 hours -with active noise cancellation turned off-, and up to 34 hours if we used the case. Of course, now you can charge the case via USB-C or wireless charging compatible with the Qi standard.

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Rendering of the Nothing Ear (2), collaboration of OnLeaks and The Tech Outlook
Rendering of the Nothing Ear (2), collaboration of OnLeaks and The Tech Outlook

As for the speakers used, the Nothing Ear (2) come equipped with a pair of 11.6 mm, following its predecessor. So, let’s not expect to see significant changes in sound quality. However, one point where we did achieve a notable difference is in resistance to dust and water. According to the report, the new headphones would have an IP54 certificate, an improvement over the IPX4 offered by the Ear (1).

For its part, the individual weight of the headphones has been decreased very slightly. For example, each one weighs a total of 4.5 grams, 0.2 grams lighter than the Ear (1). In addition, a previous report commented that the new Nothing Ear (2) they would include advanced equalizer, headphone search, transparency mode and double connectivity between his duties. In fact, the company might allow you to customize how active noise cancellation works.

What is the final price of the Ear (2)? At the moment, it is unknown information. However, stay tuned for the company’s presentation this coming March 22, at 2:00 p.m. (English peninsular time), or 7:00 a.m. (Mexico City time). It will be here where Nothing reveals the final details of his gadgets last generation.

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