One Military Camp Impressions

Managing the work of One Military Camp is something few generals are capable of doing.

Parade recruits! In this camp we do not want cotton bears, but true warriors capable of anything. The path will not be easy. You will have to get into the mud, obey all orders, and if necessary, to die with the boots on. But don’t worry, everything is under control. Despite being the last standing bastion of the resistance, At One Military Camp we will prepare you for all kinds of specialties. Show your best traits and virtues, and get ready to defend your homeland tooth and nail.

the country needs you

the English study Abylight Studios they have everything ready to launch One Military Camp, his next work that aims to give a script twist to management titles. Despite dealing with cruel areas such as war itself, with all that this entails, calm down because everything is suffused with humor. In fact, we will not see the combat itself, but we will dedicate ourselves to the maintenance of our military camp, to the training of our troops and to commercial relations with the rest of the territories that we are reconquering. A very good and addictive idea that we have already been able to test thoroughly, despite being a preview version.

Get ready to be the real military intelligence

Those who have enjoyed proposals such as Two Point Campus, RollerCoaster Tycoon or the classic Theme Park, They will know where the shots are going. We will be in charge of raising the last resistance camp against Dragan’s army, our antagonist in this war conflict. To do this, we will have to improve our facilities, fulfill the assigned missions and go specializing the troops that will enter our ranks. And that last point, in my opinion, is the differentiating factor compared to other similar titles.

Make a career in the army

Aside from hiring cooks, maintenance people, and scientists, we will obviously have to hire private soldiers. Of course, they will be “low” for a very limited time, since we will have to specialize in a particular role according to its characteristics and/or our needs at that moment. At first everything will be blocked, but over time we will have available four basic branches: artillery, speed, precision or intelligence. Having a balanced team will be vital to carry out the missions that will be assigned to us, and even more so when we advance in the story of One Military Camp and everything becomes more complicated.

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There will be a time when it will not work with those specialties described, and we will have to improve our recruits even more. Thanks to the research of our scientists, we will build new facilities with other different roles. And here comes the grace of the title, since we will have to combine multiple base branches to meet the requirements of the new role What will our soldier have? To give a couple of examples, if we want to have an aviator, we will have to instruct our future pilot in artillery and speed. And if we want to create a spy, we will have to combine the specialty of intelligence and precision.

What is there to eat in the canteen?

I am not going to deny that at first One Military Camp can be overwhelming in that regard. There are many times that I have felt lost looking for how many soldiers I have specialized in each subject. In fact, after a few hours I still miss a menu where I can see at a glance the role of my troops. But once you get into the flow of work, It’s all very mechanical and best of all, super addictive. Believe me when I tell you that the hours fly by in this game.

Part of the blame lies with constant evolution that we will have in the camp. There is no rest, not even at night, since there will be day and night shifts that we will also have to manage. When we are not controlling the soldiers, we are negotiating supplies of food, ammunition or medicine. And if not, we are improving the electrical wiring or the residences of our workers. Everything is non-stop, and although the title is not demanding with our actions, we will always be doing things for the mapping.

What weapon will you defend yourself with?

It should be said that I have played One Military Camp on PC, with the advantages of using a keyboard and mouse. A lot has to adapt the study to the controls in a controller to make it just as fun. From here I hope that everything accessible that this button mapping can be comes out, or that they allow the use of the mouse in your game (in fact, the keyboard is not even necessary).

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In its audiovisual aspect we have a very colorful proposal, full of humor throughout and nods to the action movies of the ’80s and ’90s. Looking at our entire camp from an aerial perspective is a delight, especially when we have it advanced with a multitude of buildings. Even at night with the lighting with the streetlights that we will put up, it has its appeal. Just as attractive is to zoom in and see what our soldiers do, with a design with great detail and with the jokes that are usually given in this type of situation.

One Military Camp Conclusion

Those “sergeants” who want to control a camp in its entirety, have no excuse with the new project from Abylight Studios. After the typical procedures that these types of proposals have in common, we have an extra layer with the training and specialization of the soldiers. It is very addictive to select and train our recruits in the different specialties and then send them on missions in enemy territories. In addition, with the multitude of options and tasks that we will have to carry out, we will be busy and entertained at all times, making hours go by in front of the monitor without us noticing. We only have to know how the adaptation of One Military Camp will be in command. If they do it properly (or allow the game to work on consoles with a mouse) we will be facing one of the best management games for consoles.

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