Only John Cena breaks with a poor week of video game releases

It’s hard to get quality new games released every week, some are just inconsequential. There is little notable this week, beyond the wwe 2k23 gamewhere the 20 years of John Cena’s career. Regarding the rest of the games, we have a futuristic copy of Crazy Taxy and then an apocalyptic version of earth dominated by Elon Musk.

Potion Tycoon (March 13)

A game is being released today that, in all likelihood, will pass without pain or glory. This game called Potion Tycon is nothing more than an option store simulator, nothing more. We will have to acquire resources, create potions, manage production, combine potions and even design the bottles where we will sell this “magic”. A game that says absolutely nothing and doesn’t seem very interesting.

Potion Tycoon

MILE HiGH TAXi (March 14)

If you like the game Cyberpunk 2077, the mythical Crazy Taxi and the Fifth Element (Bruce Willis movie) you may be attracted to this game. There is not much to highlight about this game. We travel to the future, to a city where cars fly and where we take a taxi. We will have to pick up customers and take them to the destination in the shortest possible time. A game without much interest and that you will surely pass to try.


Medved Hellraiser (March 15)

We do not leave the dystopian future aside with this strange game. We now travel to the year 2050, where a businessman named Elon Myusk (they have killed themselves to hide that they are talking about Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter) has taken over the world and has subjugated humanity. He wants to control humanity and for this he has aliens or vagabonds, among others. How could it be otherwise, we will be Medved Hellraiser, a brave and seasoned hero who will try to overthrow him.

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Medved Hellraiser

Backbeat (March 16)

We now turn to a game that combines strategy with puzzles with a cartoon-style design. We will have to move four temporary threads to guide a team through a sokoban-style puzzle. We have to manage the resources of our team in a set of turns that are limited. It would come to be a tribute to the dramatic comedies of the 90s with an interesting soundtrack.


Year 1800 (March 16)

This game of strategy, management and control of resources is now coming to the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles. Regarding the game, in this case the saga takes us to the era of industrialization, where diplomacy and new discoveries will be the usual tonic. We will be able to create new cities and much more in a management game.

Anthology of Fear (March 17)

Our brother has disappeared and the police don’t find out about the movie at all. This leads us to want to look for him on our own. We will have to explore the world, accessing really disturbing sites. We have a story that advances chapter by chapter that reveals different family and personal tragedies.

WWE 2K23 (March 17)

The well-known fighting franchise has a new installment with a clear protagonist: John Cena. Although we will have many classic and mythical characters from the saga, this fighter will be the protagonist. And it is that the game reviews his 20-year career in one of the most recognized fighting franchises in the world. The new installment expands its features, improves the graphics and expands the number of characters and legends available.

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