Óscar Rentería defends himself after his statements by a footballer accused of abuse: “He was only advising women”

WEEK. Óscar, do you support his statements in which he assures that, in the case of Hakimi, a player accused of rape, the victim knew what could happen?

Óscar Rentería, sports journalist. (OR): I want to repeat them. It is that my opinion, my concept, deserves all the respect, like the other opinions. Like everything that has been said through social networks. I simply stated that day that, based on everything we know, because this is not new, any number of complaints have been filed, any number of situations, where some of the soccer players have been punished, some have not, for complaints of rape against different people and in many cities and countries around the world.

So, I simply stated that, as a result of all that is known, if a girl anywhere in the world, with all that is known, decides to visit a soccer player’s bachelor apartment, she should know what she is getting into. exposing, you must know what risk you may run. Suddenly nothing happens to her, suddenly they give her an engagement ring, suddenly she just drinks a bottle of wine and leaves and nothing happens. But also, from what we know, because of everything that is happening in the world of football, we know what can happen and that was the only thing I said, that she was aware of what could happen to her and yet she went, and she He says what happened to him.

What happens is that I am not a judge nor do I have the documents to express it precisely, but she says it is the arguments published by the press, that Hakimi wanted to kiss her, opened her blouse and that in a desperate moment she kicked him, She threw herself into a corner, grabbed her cell phone, called a friend and that friend went and picked her up and nothing else happened. That’s kind of a movie. Because a soccer player, a high-performance athlete, a girl, if she was nervous, worried and suddenly yelling and everything, she’s not going to have the strength to kick the soccer player and throw him into a corner and then [tener] the time to call her friend and pick her up and then nothing would happen.

It all seemed like something like a movie to me, but all I said was that, based on everything that is known, if a woman agrees to go to a football player’s bachelor apartment, she knows what she is exposing herself to.

WEEK. Under that logic, no woman could go to the house of a soccer player or a friend. Does that seem logical to you?

OR I have friends, I have daughters, I have a wife. I don’t have a mom anymore, but it can still be at my house, it can be whatever. It’s his responsability. If you were an eleven-year-old girl, ten years old, although there are now very advantageous ones, I’m still worth it, but a full-fledged woman, of legal age, with everything that is published daily in the complaints that are known, Don’t tell me you don’t know what you’re going to be exposed to if you go to a football player’s or any man’s bachelor apartment. I simply tell her: go if she wants, go, go, but you know what risk you are running.

Óscar Rentería caused controversy this week on social networks. – Photo: Twitter: César Augusto Londoño

WEEK. Do you have friends? Because if, for example, you and I are friends and you invite me to your house, do I have to be predisposed to the fact that you are going to rape me?

OR No no I dont know. You must know me well enough to know if you are going or not. If you know me and you know that I am a proper man and everything, then you say ‘Oscar is going to propose to me, Oscar is going to invite me to eat, Oscar is going to want to spend some time with me, chat, listen to good music and nothing else is going to happen’. But if you don’t know me, which is the case here with this girl with Hakimi, who denounced him, then it’s taking a risk, I’m not going to leave.

Look, why are they only attacking us for rape, if men are also raped daily by women who conspire. There are women who fall in love with a man, they go to sleep with him and then the woman’s supposed husband arrives and then, in order not to denounce the man who is having a hard time with his wife, they ask him for an amount of money. Thousands of complaints on both sides rest on this in prosecutors around the world.

But you are already an adult and you know where you can mess with and who you can mess with. If she doesn’t know, if she doubted Hakimi because she doesn’t know him, she doesn’t get involved, teacher, she doesn’t get involved and nothing happens to her.

WEEK. By the way, what did his wife, his daughters and Caracol Radio tell you about his opinion of the Hakimi case?

OR Nothing, what can you tell me? Nothing. Because that is the advice that I have always given them. Do not go out with unknown people, think about where you are invited, think about where you are going, who you are going to go out with. I have instilled that in my daughters since they were ten years old and thank God they are married now. They have many children; me, many grandchildren and they have not taken any risk. In the company, neither. César Augusto Londoño disagrees with me. If I had gone by the girl’s side, Cesar would be by Hakimi’s side. Rest assured, because he contradicts me on everything. I said what I think responsibly.

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WEEK. Think otherwise, why don’t we believe the victim and always think that the woman who does this with a footballer is to get money?

OR Because no complaint to put the player or the man in jail. All denounce putting a large sum of money, as happened to Cristiano Ronaldo. Fortunately, his lawyers were alive, they resolved the situation and the person who denounced Cristiano was charged the money, he had to pay it to the player, who did not need it, but who received it anyway because it was punishing the girl who had made up a story

I know, I am completely sure that there are cases of rape. Look at Villa or Colombian players in Argentina; They have been linked to this and I know that they suddenly made mistakes, because some of them have been recognized, I know that, but the fact is that we are talking about Hakimi and the girl who denounced him. In that case, if she knows him, she goes easy; If she doesn’t know him, she doesn’t go, because she can happen to him.

Also, afterwards, the film of what happened in the apartment is kind of weird. Let’s wait, because suddenly it turns out like Cristiano Ronaldo’s, a reported foul and Hakimi ends up earning money that he doesn’t need.

Achraf Hakimi, PSG defender.
Achraf Hakimi, PSG defender. – Photo: AFP

WEEK. But Óscar, so far there is no evidence that the woman wants money. Neither in this case nor that of Dani Alves. Don’t you find it unheard of that a woman has to go to a friend’s house predisposed to being raped?

OR I am going to talk to you about the case of Dani Alves.

I want to be clear, I am not saying that the girl is guilty or she is innocent, I am not saying that. The only thing I have stated is that every person of legal age knows what risk they take if they go to the house of a single soccer player. That’s what I’m saying, you may not have any risk, you may not have any worries. Well, then it’s okay, but if she doesn’t know the player, she has to know that she can take some risk.

In the case of Dani Alves, it is different because it was in a nightclub, because there are tests, which according to what I have read can be very difficult for the Brazilian player to overcome. Semen tests and all that, so the situation is different there. I don’t talk about those cases because I don’t have proof, just what I read. I’m talking about what I read in the Hakimi case.

And I keep insisting on the same thing: if a daughter, a friend, asks me: ‘Óscar, a soccer player, has invited me to his apartment, I don’t know him, he is single, he has avoided me on such a day, such Now, what do you say, am I going or not?’. I tell him: if you go, you are taking a risk. If you don’t know the player, I would say ‘set him up in a restaurant, in a bar’, at least start a friendship or a relationship, but don’t go straight into a football player’s bachelor apartment because he’s running with a risk. It is simply my opinion. Now everyone knows what he does and everyone knows how he unrolls the problem from then on.

WEEK. But his opinion could also be read as an accusation against soccer players who invite a woman, since they are all potential rapists.

OR I am a man and as a man I can say that if you invite a woman you don’t know or know little to a bachelor’s apartment, you have a great chance. First, to make her fall in love normally and that nothing happens. Second, that something can happen to her and then she submits to a complaint. Third, that they end up fighting because nothing happened and then stop being friends and become enemies.

The only thing I tell you is this: I’m not a saint, but if I want to have a relationship with you as friends, that suddenly end up as boyfriends or suddenly end up as husbands, I’m not going to invite you to my apartment right away. single. If I have a good intention, I invite you to a restaurant, to eat, I invite you to a movie. That is, we start a relationship, but as it has to be. But if I invite you right away to a bachelor’s apartment, the thing is to think about it.

I can’t generalize to all athletes, because I could also commit a serious and deadly sin if I harbor all the women we’re talking to. Don’t take me to that terrain, I’m never going to step on it. I have told him about the specific case of Hakimi. Don’t talk to me about any other player and even less about other players like me; I can’t tell you about other women either, each one who solves her problem as she can, each player who solves it as she can. I’m just talking about the specific case of Hakimi.

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What sin is that, where is the sin? Telling me, advising women that if a man, whoever he is, a soccer player, invites them to his bachelor apartment, they should think before going if they are taking a risk, if they know him or not, is that a sin? ? Before, on the contrary. I am helping you prevent or make sure at best.

WEEK. But they are the ways of saying it. Is it true or not that you said that men are uncontrollable pieces and prey to their desires?

OR I didn’t say it.

WEEK. You maintain that if a woman goes to a single man’s apartment, she knows what she is going to.

OR You have to think about what you are going for and you have to think that you are going to take risks. But you know how social networks are handled. I have not spoken of beasts for you to notice. I have never said that. I have never talked about it, nor did I ask myself because here we are entering a field of false things.

If she takes responsibility for going to a single man’s apartment, she has to take the risk she can take. I am not talking about all the players, nor about all the women who deserve my respect. Only in the specific case of Hakimi and that girl and I have not talked about beasts, nor about everything that they have added out there on social networks. God save me from talking about things like that.

WEEK. Do you know what consent is?

OR I know what consent is.

WEEK. Vanessa Córdoba responded. She said: “A footballer should not abuse anyone. Today more than ever I support it. Soccer in all its levels and parts urgently needs comprehensive sexual education. Footballers are thinking people, footballers are not animals. Stop treating them as such and excusing their behavior, which is also the result of the bubble where they are kept. Let’s educate ourselves and evolve, it’s about time. What do you say to the Atlético Nacional goalkeeper?

OR You are absolutely right, it’s that simple. It is that she has interpreted things for where they are. I congratulate her because she is absolutely right.

WEEK. So Hakimi is not guilty, but the victim. You believe that?

OR I’m not saying it’s his fault, because I don’t have all the documents, nor do I have the evidence. I’m just saying that if a woman decides to go to a soccer player’s bachelor apartment, and I’m going to add something else, or any man, she has to think that she can take risks, and if she goes, she has to take the risks. , nothing may happen to her, it may happen to her, but she thinks that it could happen, yes, if she doesn’t know the person. If she goes like this girl, who went to Hakimi’s apartment without knowing him, she has to think that she can take some risk. It seems to me that it is the only logical thing.

  Vanessa Cordoba
Vanessa Cordoba – Photo: karen salamanca-week

WEEK. Do you feel that you were responsible with your statement?

OR My statement will always be responsible. The question is redundant. Everything I do in my life is responsibly and I take responsibility by saying. I repeat once again, that every woman who goes to a single man’s apartment assumes responsibilities, she must think about the risks she can take and there she will see if she decides to go or not, it’s that simple.

WEEK. Changing the subject a bit, you said that Shakira is still in love with Piqué, why does she say so?

OR If I were a singer and you my wife, you decide to separate or leave me and I dedicate three or four albums to you, and above all that kind of music, with that kind of lyrics, the only thing I can think or accept is that you are in love. I am absolutely sure, from the lyrics of the songs that Shakira has sung to Piqué, that she will not return to him, but that she is still deeply in love with the Spanish player.

WEEK. Many people today call him a misogynist, disrespectful for that statement. What does it tell them?

OR Everyone is free to think what they want, everyone can say what they want. But I have received any number of letters on the pulse, any number of emails, WhatsApp, phone calls from people who disagree with me, with what I said about the Hakimi case. But I’ve also received a lot, and from women, who totally agree with me. So please, remove the word ‘all’, because I don’t believe that all of them have spoken out against me at this time.

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