Oscars 2023 Predictions

Hollywood is celebrating the 95th Academy Awards today, as the film industry hopes to put “the slap in the face” of last year’s ceremony behind it.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has said the winners of all categories will be announced at the live ceremony, after last year some categories were recorded prior to the ceremony, shocking some academy insiders.

Jimmy Kimmel will host for the third time and for the first time since 2018. That was the last year the Oscars had a solo emcee, after which the gala went hostless for several years. Last year Regina Hall, Amy Schumer and Wanda Sykes were emcees. In an announcement for today’s gala, parodying “Top Gun: Maverick,” Kimmel received word that he was the person chosen for the job. In the video, he points out that they cannot slap him because “I cry a lot.”

For his part, Lenny Kravitz will be in charge of one of the musical presentations. He will sing live during the In Memoriam section, where the Grammy winner will pay tribute to deceased members of the industry.

Rihanna will also be one of the most anticipated presentations of the night. The singer, nominated for the song “Lift Me Up”, from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever ”, confirmed the news through a video on social networks with her son.

Other personalities that will attend the event are: Glenn Close, Samuel L. Jackson, Dwayne Johnson, Michael B. Jordan, Melissa McCarthy, Zoe Saldaña, among others.

The Oscars ceremony will begin at 8:00 pm, and will be broadcast live on ABC. At 6:30 pm, the channel will present “Countdown to the Oscars”, as a prelude to the award ceremony.

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Here are the 2023 Oscars predictions.

Best film

From left, Stephanie Hsu, Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan in a scene from "Everything Everywhere All At Once".
From left, Stephanie Hsu, Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan in a scene from “Everything Everywhere All At Once.” (Allyson Riggs)

Since the beginning of these awards, this category has always existed to recognize film production that achieved artistic or technological advances during the previous year. However, for the last decade, members of the Academy have put this creed aside and have felt the need to create a specific narrative that pushes them to choose “the best film” of the year. Perhaps it has to do with the proliferation of social networks or with the fact that the entertainment news cycle is renewed in less than 24 hours, but each year the narrative is different.

In 2018, the year that “Green Book” triumphed, what seemed to be in conflict was the future of movies in theaters. A possible triumph of Netflix in this category, which was competing with “Roma”, would surely change the business forever. Last year “Coda” became the first film on a digital platform to succeed in this category and that did not seem to be relevant. That year, the Academy’s narrative dictated recognizing a film with a positive social message designed to leave the viewer moved and hopeful.

This year those who want to celebrate originality and diversity will vote for “Everything Everywhere All at Once”. It’s no accident, however, that Steven Spielberg has taken it upon himself to say publicly at every awards show leading up to this one that Tom Cruise saved the movie-going experience with the premiere of “Top Gun Maverick.” If this sentiment picks up steam, this could lead to the first win for a sequel in this category since Lord of the Rings Return of the King. took the award two decades ago. This would be the third time this would happen in the history of the coveted golden statuette, the first being “The Godfather 2”, 48 years ago. So the production that will triumph in this category at the 95th ceremony of these awards depends entirely on the story that the Academy is making this year.

will win “Everything Everywhere All At Once”, for being the most original, unpredictable film and the one that most connects with the essence of what this award is supposed to be. No other film in this category combines advances in art and technology like this one. And if that’s not enough, underneath all its martial arts and sci-fi “crazy” stuff, the film’s emotional core is a mother-daughter relationship that advocates the importance of compassion and mental health.

He deserves it “Everything Everywhere All At Once”

Possible Surprise Regardless of the fact that it is an excellent film and that it has a mountain of technical advances, a triumph of “Top Gun Maverick” could be the opportunity to continue celebrating that no matter what digital platforms do, everything is still more beautiful and bigger in cinema.

Best International Film

“All Quiet on the Western Front” by Netflix. (Supplied)

Ironically, and illustrating that not much has changed since the pandemic, in this category the two films with the best chance of success are those that received worldwide distribution on digital platforms.

will win The tradition of these awards dictates that the nomination of “All Quiet on the Western Front”, from Netflix, in the category of Best Film, guarantees a triumph in this one.

He deserves it – My favorite in this category is “Argentina 1985″, for balancing the modern and the classic to honor a true story that has to be told.

Possible Surprise – Not being satisfied with opening on Amazon Prime and organizing industry projections during the last three months, could be the key to the triumph of “Argentina 1985”.

Best Direction

This turns out to be one of the most unpredictable categories of the night. Although the win for the Daniels (Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert), the two directors credited for “Everything Everywhere All At Once”, at this point appear to be the favorites, I would not be surprised if the more conservative members of the Academy have no problem. in giving Steven Spielberg his third Oscar in this category for preserving the traumas of his youth that set his destiny on track in “The Fablemans”.

will win – I’m not completely convinced, but I want to imagine a world where the Oscars for Best Picture and Best Director go to the same movie. So I’m going to say the Daniels for “Everything Everywhere All at Once.”

He deserves it In a perfect world, Sarah Polley would join the small group of women who have been recognized in this category, but her witty and moving direction of “Women Talking” she wasn’t even nominated.

Possible Surprise – Even more surprising than a third Oscar for Spielberg in this category would be if Todd Field’s claims for “Tar” succeed in this category.

Best Supporting Actor

Despite the superlative work of all the nominees, this is the category where there seems to be no chance of a surprise.

will win – While his performance captures the expansive creative latitude of “Everything Everywhere All At Once,” the story of how Ke Huy Quan came back in front of the cameras is guaranteed to win him over in this category.

He deserves it Although my eighties heart will celebrate when the Quan wins, I cannot fail to mention that the best performance in this category was given by Barry Keoghan in “The Banshees of Inisherin”.

Possible Surprise Any name other than Ke Huy Quan would be a surprise.

Best Supporting Actress

This is another category where the die seems to be cast, but unlike Key Huy Quan, Angela Basset’s imminent triumph is not entirely guaranteed.

will win There will be those who say that this is recognition for her entire career, but the reality is that Angela Basset takes possession of each of her scenes in “Wakanda Forever” and gives an indisputable emotional depth to that film.

He deserves it Stephanie Hsu, for being the lynchpin of all of the wonderful, unexpected and crazy twists in “Everything Everywhere All At Once”.

Possible Surprise – The votes are divided and Kerry Condon gets the award for his performance in “The Banshees of Inisherin.”

Best actress

Regardless of what the pundits say, the producers of the Oscar telecast are betting that history will be made in this category. Halle Berry will be the one to introduce her. Her win for “Monter’s Ball” 20 years ago marks the last time a minority actress won in this category.

will win Michelle Yeoh will become the first Asian actress to win in this category for her masterful and accurate performance in “Everything Everywhere All At Once.”

He deserves it Michelle Yeoh, though I wouldn’t mind if Michelle Williams finally wins an Oscar, even if her performance in “The Fablemans” isn’t the best of her eclectic filmography.

Possible Surprise Not exactly a surprise. But everything seems to indicate that it is very likely that Cate Blanchett will win her third statuette for her performance in “Tar”.

Best Actor

This is another one of the main categories where literally anything could happen.

will win Still, the Academy won’t be able to resist Brendan Fraser’s comeback, in “The Whale,” combined with the kind of impressive transformation that usually guarantees a win.

He deserves it – The most impressive thing about Fraser’s work is not his physical appearance, this actor’s eyes capture the suffering soul of his character in a spectacular way.

Possible SurpriseFraser and Austin Butler for “Elvis” split the votes, with Colin Farrell emerging victorious for “The Banshees of Inisherin.”


Best Animated Feature – “Puss in Boots the Last Wish”

Best Cinematography – “Tar”

Best Costumes – “Elvis”

Best Editing – “Everything Everywhere All at Once”

Best Makeup – “The Whale”

Best Musical Score – “Babylon”

Best Song for a Film – “RRR”

Best Production Design – “Elvis”

Best Sound – “Top Gun Maverick”

Best Special Effects – “Avatar the Way of Water”

Best Adapted Screenplay – “Women Talking”

Best Original Screenplay – “Everything, Everything, Everywhere All at Once”

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