Outlook would be sending Spam emails to the inbox: this is the reason

Several Outlook users have reported a problem in the platform in recent days, which consists in the fact that spam emails were not sent to that folder, but were directed to the main tray.

Through social networks, users shared the situation in various accounts in the United States, Europe and Latin America. Microsoft through a statement indicated that the problem was already resolved.

However, from the web portal Bleeding Computer It is ensured that various reports have highlighted that many spam emails continue to be presented since November 2021.

Spam. – Photo: Getty Images

According to reports, the emails that have managed to get past the spam filter are those that contain deceptive messages, which promote contests, fake offers, fraudulent links, with the purpose of stealing user information.

According to the company, developers are already carrying out due process maintenance on Outlook servers. In addition, they specified that they have already detected the problem and have taken the measures to solve it.

In this sense, Microsoft announced that it will continue to monitor progress and ensure that the problem does not continue to advance on the platform.

Now, if the users do not want the emails spam get past the filters You can activate a series of settings that help control this situation.

Spam is unwanted emails. – Photo: Getty Images

So you can activate the spam filter in Outlook


  • Open Outlook.
  • Enter the ‘Settings’.
  • Find and press ‘Spam’.
  • Immediately afterwards, write in ‘Blocked senders’ and click on ‘Add’.
  • Click on the ‘Save’ section.
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This is how Microsoft Edge wants to remove users from Google Chrome

Microsoft has integrated a virtual private network (VPN) into its Edge browser, a novelty that will offer up to 1GB of free traffic per month and will soon be available to users.

The integration of a VPN in Microsoft Edge began a year ago under the name ‘Edge Secure Network’ and it has been in testing on the Insider channel ever since, where some participants have been able to test this tool with up to 15GB of traffic per month.

This novelty has begun to reach the stable channel, where several users have already been able to see it within the browser, in the Privacy settings. Its purpose is to protect the user’s browsing, especially when connected to a public WiFiinsecure or without a valid certificate such as HTTPS.

Microsoft. – Photo: SOPA Images/LightRocket via Gett

Also, with this novelty, once present in the browser, it offers three levels of security from which the user can choose, as is currently the case with tracking prevention and enhanced security mode.

So, you can choose to protect selected pages, optimized protection or on all pages. In all cases it offers 1 GB of free data traffic through the VPN, less than what it has allowed during the trial.

As reported in neowinalthough this tool has started to reach end users of Microsoft Edgethe company has yet to officially announce it and also offer the prices of the additional GB that they want to contract.

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For its part, Google informed all its users that it has advanced one of the most important updates for the proper functioning of the equipment where the browser is used.

In this same sense, Chrome introduced its two memory and energy saving modes, Energy Saver and Memory Saver, respectively; which are already available and enabled by default in your browser, Chrome.

Also, and understanding these needs, the company announced a series of new features for its browser in December last yearwhen he indicated that this would be “optimized for the device’s battery and system memory” of users.

So, it introduced these two performance settings, Memory Saver and Energy Saver, aimed at less resource consumption by your browser on computers.

*With information from Europa Press.

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