Pedro Pascal reveals what moved him most about “The Mandalorian” in its third season

“There are many surprises this season,” insisted the actor Peter Pascal during a virtual press conference to promote the premiere of the third season of “The Mandalorians”. Between smiles the Chilean interpreter, who is still enjoying the acclaim of the first season of “The Last of Us” in HBOinsisted that he is not selling false expectations for his other show in disneyplus. “I know that we always say the same thing but it is true that there are many surprises. I can’t say anything at all, ”she assured between smiles.

What could be said during the press conference is that love, between the characters and the creative team that brings them to life on screen, appears to be one of the central themes of this season that premiered today on Disney’s digital platform.

“The reality is that working on this show is a journey of love,” explained Kate Sackhoff, who reprises Bo-Katan Kryze. The actress insisted that she knows that “that is usually said of a low-money project where everyone gives their all for the love of art. But regardless of what it is ‘Star Wars’ and what that means on a money level. All of us in front of and behind the cameras love what we do with this series and these characters.”

According to director Rick Famuyiwa, who is directing three of the episodes this season, the positive vibe that accompanies the creative process of the series “is something that comes straight from the top. John Favereau have seen to it that working on this show is genuinely a collaboration. That is something that is reflected in the technicians and the cast. We all feel that we are part of a team and we enjoy the day that allows us to reach the triumph of giving the public a season of which we can be proud of having done something that honors the legacy of ‘Star Wars’ and what it now means ‘The Mandalorian’ in that context.”

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For John Favereau, the creator of the series, the core of the show “has always been the relationship between the Mandalorian and Grogu. We knew that for that relationship to grow in the past seasons you had to work to eventually separate them. But now in the third season the next stage of development of that relationship is that they get back together. This is a season of expansion and development. Not just for all the characters but for what’s happening in their universe.”

Dealing with the consequences of the titular character breaking his code by removing his helmet. Executive producer Dave Filone detailed that “that definitely forced us to return to Mandalore with a different approach. Because this is still a ‘Star Wars’ story, which for us means that there must be hope that a group of people with different ways of thinking can unite around a common good. That in this season is key around what happens with Grogu and our protagonist.

Although the actor who plays that protagonist reveled in not being able to give many details of what is going to happen in the new episodes of “The Mandalorian”, Pascal concluded by saying that “the most exciting thing for me about these new episodes is going to even deeper behind my character’s armor on an emotional level. The character connects a lot more with his heart this season and for me that was genuinely exciting. I hope for the public too.”

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