Pets will have free medical care in Bogotá; these are the details

The Bogotá Council approved the draft agreement that seeks to protect, prevent and assist pets of families that do not have the resources to provide a veterinary medical service to their pet.

“Through this agreement project, many families that have pets and are in vulnerable conditions and in strata 1, 2 and 3, will be able to take their pets to the vet for free and they will be attended in person or by telemedicine”, mentioned councilor Diana Diago and speaker of the proposal.

With this draft agreement, they will care for the more than 66,000 dogs that roam the streets of Bogotá.

In figures, they point out that the health access for companion animals can cost from 30 to 70 thousand pesos and sterilization surgery for dogs and cats, approximately 250,000 pesos, according to La Red Zoocial.

Also, with this draft agreement, they will care for the more than 66,000 dogs that roam the streets of Bogotá, a figure reported by the District Institute for Animal Protection and Welfare (IDPYBA).

As for the benefited population, it is estimated that six out of ten Bogota households have pets and it will benefit 66% of families who cannot regularly take their pets to the vet due to lack of income.

It is estimated that in six out of ten Bogota homes there are pets. – Photo:

What does the project provide?

  • Veterinary medical advice.
  • Alliances with veterinarians.
  • Informative health prevention campaigns for companion animals.
  • Health promotion approach for the care of special handling dogs.
  • Veterinary consultations by telemedicine and in person by a medical team arranged by the Local Mayor’s Office.
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Finally, from the communications team of the councilor of the Democratic Center, it was confirmed that the project was approved in the plenary session of the Bogotá Council and the sanction of the mayor, Claudia López, is expected to make it a reality.

Damage to medical equipment at Kennedy Hospital: Councilor Diana Diago made a strong complaint

The western subnetwork, the area in which the Kennedy hospital is located, guarantees service to approximately 2 million 400 thousand people who live in Fontibón, Puente Aranda, Bosa and Kennedy.

Even so, according to the complaint by the councilor for the Democratic Center, Diana Diago, one of the equipment necessary for care does not work. It is about the tomograph, which has been damaged for two months, causing patients to have to be transferred to other hospitals or clinics.

Tomograph that would be damaged at Kennedy Hospital.
Tomograph that would be damaged at Kennedy Hospital. – Photo: Councilor Diana Diago.

“Kennedy Hospital is not in the best condition, billions invested, and it has flaws in the provision of its services. A few months ago, jets of water fell on the hospital floors and today there are again problems in the entity: medical equipment damaged for more than 2 months, such as the tomograph. The caring mayor has neglected the most important thing, the health of the people of Bogotá,” said the lobbyist after hearing about the case.

Also in the official statement they assured that there is a lack of management by the mayoress Claudia López and also administrative negligence of the Secretary of Health, Alejandro Gómez, “causes the people of Bogotá to have a lousy health service.”

It should be noted that a few weeks ago the councilor also started the debate on ambulances that would be vans. For this reason, this time, professionals from the sector went to Diago’s office to intervene in the repair of the tomograph. In addition, in the machines that need repair, a medical team that attends ACV, Cerebrovascular Attack, and other pathologies.

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In detail, about the tomograph, according to some health professionals, it was bought 5 years ago. “With it, disease diagnoses are more accurate. However, since the hospital stopped operating (more than 2 months ago), all patients who require the results of the tomography exams must be transferred to the El Tintal hospital, in the ambulances denounced by the councilor ”, they added.

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