Pokémon creators seek an expert on NFTs and metaverses

The NFT nightmare is not over. The Pokémon Company has shared a job offer to hire a person with experience in blockchain technology and metaverses. This is a key position within the Office of the Presidency and Corporate Development of the Japanese firm, a department that advises the president himself Tsunekazu Ishihara, as well as the management team.

Among the candidate’s requirements, it is noteworthy that they require “a thorough understanding of Web 3, including blockchain, NFT and metaverse technologies. They also highlight the need to have connections with investors and entrepreneurs in this type of technology sector.

Among the obligations of the candidate who takes over the position is leadership when it comes to identifying, evaluating and executing investments, strategic projects and various alliances to guarantee the growth of the company in the long term. It must “follow and analyze technology, markets and trends in gaming, media and entertainment”.

Is there any known Pokemon game with NFTs?

That The Pokémon Company takes this type of technology into account does not mean confirmation that they are developing an NFT project, so we will have to wait to find out their plans in this regard. At the moment, they have not announced anything officially, although non-fungible tokens are collectibles that fit with the philosophy of “Get them all” from the Pokémon saga.

The most recent installment of the brand for Nintendo Switch, Pokemon Scarlet and Purple, will be expanded soon with an expansion pass. Players will be able to access more creatures and enjoy new adventures in the Paldea region. The hidden treasure of Area Zero will be divided into two different installments, scheduled for autumn and winter respectively, The Turquoise Mask and The Indigo Disc.

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