Pokémon GO can’t authenticate with Facebook: what happens and how to fix it?

Pokémon GO has suffered issues of authentication and Login via Facebook these days. In this news we summarize what happened and what solution do you havecommented by Niantic itself, the developer of the game.

Cannot authenticate with Facebook: how to log in to Pokémon GO?

At 6:30 PM CET on Tuesday, March 14, 2023, Niantic became aware of Login problems via Facebook in Pokémon GOand reported it in a tweet from the support account:

“Coaches, there is currently a login issue affecting facebook. We are working with Facebook to fix this issue. In the meantime, please log in using another method. If you do not have a backup login method, please contact us.” can be read in the tweet in question.

The problem seems to have been solved. at 12:00 AM on Wednesday, March 15, 2023. Again, Niantic posted a new tweet on the support account to inform about it:

“Coaches, the login issue affecting Facebook has been resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. We recommend adding a backup login method in case something similar happens in the future.said this message.

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With the “backup method to log in”, Niantic refers to the fact that, for example, Let’s link Apple or Google accounts to our Pokémon GO account in addition to Facebook so that, in the event that any of the three login methods fail due to temporary problems, we have access to our account through the other two. We can do this from our web profile.

In any case, we remind you that in our Pokémon GO guide we help you with different aspects of the game, such as how to redeem promotional codes.

Fountain: Twitter/NianticHelp

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