Problems with the computer keyboard? These are the best ways to fix it

With the passage of time it is very normal for the computer keyboard to present several failures; the most common problem is when a key does not mark well or that all the keys are hard.

Users may experience different situations that are not common in the input device, such as, for example, that he writes what he wants or that it works when he requires it.

The problems can be derived from hardware problems or possible malware, among many others. However, there are different methods that can solve these setbacks and they are the following:

User using a Laptop PC. – Photo: PA

update driver

According to the portal computer today one of the causes of keyboard malfunction is due to drivers as they may be outdated. To solve, it is best to update them.

  • In the Windows search engine type “Device Manager”.
  • Click and then press the ‘Keyboards’ section.
  • Then, right click on the keyboard driver and click on ‘Update driver’.
  • Then click on ‘Search for drivers automatically’.
  • Wait for the update process to finish to use the keyboard.

malware analysis

Malware is the main culprit for different computer tools not working, especially the keyboard, which is why a scan should be carried out and this possibility ruled out.

  • Enter the ‘Settings’.
  • Click on the ‘Privacy and security’ section.
  • Once there, click on ‘Windows Security’ and then click on ‘Open Windows Security’.
  • Select on ‘Virus and threat protection’.
  • Find and click ‘Exam Options’.
  • Click on ‘Full exam’ and hit ‘Examine now’.
computers. – Photo: Getty Images
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fix the hardware

If the keys are registering to the computer without being pressed, there is most likely a problem with the mechanism. Now, to solve it, the aforementioned portal recommends the following methods:

  • Disconnect the keyboard and wait a long time to reconnect it.
  • Make sure there are no keys that are stuck.
  • Make sure that the keyboard cable has no damage.
  • Make sure the connection ports are intact.

Tricks and keyboard shortcuts to move faster on the internet and social networks

There is a wide variety of shortcuts that help speed up some common tasks that are carried out every day in different digital services. Next, WEEK exposes a series of shortcuts that are useful for browsing the internet, social networks quickly and practically.

Useful shortcuts for navigating a web page:

  • When you need to move to the bottom of the page, just press space bar.
  • To scroll to the top of the page, press Shift + Spacebar.
  • Pressing the Ctrl or Cmd key next to the F key will open a find text on page. Resource very useful to find a specific phrase or word on the website.
  • Press Ctrl and the plus sign (+) on Windows, as well as Option next to Cmd plus the equal sign (=) on Macallows you to increase the size of the text on the page.
  • Press Ctrl and the minus sign (-) in Windows.
There are different shortcuts that you can implement. – Photo: Getty Images

Shortcuts to manage browser tabs

  • To bookmark a web page, press the Ctrl key plus the D key. on devices Mac you must press Cmd plus D.
  • For close the current tab, just press the Ctlr key and the W key in Windows, just like Cmd plus W in OS Mac.
  • To open a new tab, just press the Ctlr key and the letter T, just like Cmd plus T in Mac.
  • If you want to change the tab, you will have to press the Ctlr key and any number from 1 to 8.
  • If you want open the last closed tab, you just have to press the Ctlr and Shift keys, next to the T key.
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