Project 007’s James Bond will be built for the “gaming” audience

Project 007 is the next work by IO-Interactive, the people in charge of the mythical Hitman saga. The Danes will transfer to the video game an unprecedented story about the origins of James Bond. Although it still remains on the horizon, its co-owners have shared some details about the perspective that the project has taken.

How does IO approach its James Bond?

“First of all, it is extremely inspiring and literally inspires us to work with the team at Eon [Productions], who are behind everything related to Bond ”, explains Christian Elverdam in an interview with Eurogamer. “It’s strange from my perspective, I was used to defending Agent 47; people wanted to do things with our series and you feel that protection. And evidently for them, that is their job in the bond franchise. So for us it’s been about finding a mutual understanding of ‘what is James Bond’?

No Time To Die (2021)


No Time To Die (2021)

Elverdam added how the producer has placed its trust in the team: “We are making an origin for a reason. To show the trust they have placed in us, we are allowed to build a James Bond for [la audiencia de] the videogames, which I think is a deep tribute to the position of the industry and the environmentin the sense that yes, it is time to have a James Bond character who is not the one from the movies but who is comfortable being a video game character.

The creative assures that the team is “grateful” to have obtained this degree of trust with the production company. In fact, several of the studio’s heavyweights traveled to the set of James Bond at Pinewood Studios. “I remember that Hakan and I, and part of the team, were walking around what we later discovered to be the streets of Havana in No Time to Die, and walking into M’s office. You feel extremely grateful and understand the gravity of what James Bond really is”, he emphasizes.

Source: Eurogamer

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