Psychic Cup in Pokémon GO: what are the best teams and movements

The psychic cup of Pokémon GO is a small, limited-time event that is part of the game’s Trainer Battles. In this brief guide we tell you what are the best pokemon to use in psychic cup. Let’s go there:

How to access the Pokémon GO Psychic Cup? What restrictions are there?

The Pokémon GO Psychic Cup is a small game mode available from March 15 to 22, 2023accessible like this:

  1. From the main menu, click on the Poké Ball icon.
  2. Click on Combats.
  3. Click on Fight in the GO Fighting League.
  4. We choose Psychic Cup.

The Pokémon GO Psychic Cup has three limitations:

  1. Only Psychic-type Pokémon are allowed.
  2. Only Pokémon that do not exceed 1500 CP can participate.
  3. Mew cannot be used.

Taking into account these two restrictions, below we leave you with a list of several Pokémon and movements to use for the Pokémon GO Psychic Cup:

What Pokémon to use in the Pokémon GO Psychic Cup

First, let’s refresh our memory with the Types table:

Guy Super effective against (deals 160% damage) Ineffective against (deals 63% damage) Ineffective Against (deals 39% damage) Vulnerable to (takes 160% damage)
Psychic Struggle
Sinister Bug

Taking this table into account, the reasoning we are going to follow is choose pokemon with good base stats as legendary or pseudo-legendary, Types that have resistance to Psychic and besides choosing attacks that give us good movement coverage and STAB. We start:

  1. Mewtwo with psychocut (fast attack), Ray (charged attack) and Shadow ball (charged attack).
  2. Hoopa Unleashed with Impress (fast attack), Psychic (charged attack) and Shadow ball (charged attack).
  3. Confined Hoopa with Impress (fast attack), Shadow Pulse (charged attack) and Shadow ball (charged attack).
  4. bronzong with Feint (fast attack), heavy body (charged attack) and Vendetta (charged attack).
  5. Lunala with air pit (fast attack), moon force (charged attack) and Shadow ball (charged attack).
  6. Solgaleo with Fire Spin (fast attack), Solar ray (charged attack) and iron head (charged attack).
  7. lugia with dragon tail (fast attack), hydropump (charged attack) and Aerojet (charged attack).
  8. jirachi with Lightning Charge (fast attack), magic shine (charged attack) and Hidden Desire (charged attack).
  9. metagross with Bullet fist (fast attack), Earthquake (charged attack) and meteor fist (charged attack).
  10. Malamar with Peck (fast attack), hyperbeam (charged attack) and Dirty game (charged attack).

We remind you that in our Pokémon GO guide we update you with all aspects of the game, such as how to redeem promotional codes or how to add new Friends.

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