RCN becomes Caracol’s headache and gets into the fight for the Colombian National Team; will broadcast the friendlies

At the end of this month of March, the Colombian National Team will face two new challenges in the Néstor Lorenzo era ahead of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers. On March 24 and 28, the Tricolor will face its counterparts from South Korea and Japan, two strong rivals that will be a great thermometer for coffee growers.

For these confrontations, coach Néstor Lorenzo announced the list of players who will seek a new victory. The Argentine decided to make a combination of experience and youth this time, where the latter is more important, looking for a generational change.

Néstor Lorenzo tried out with an unprecedented Colombian team. Photo: Getty Images. – Photo: Getty Images

Now, beyond the emotions that will occur in these games, the theme where these games can be seen has generated a great movement this Friday among fans of the Tricolor. Usually, all the matches of the national team have been broadcast by Canal Caracol, being the pioneer.

However, this Friday it was confirmed that its biggest competition, the RCN channel, will also carry friendly duels on its screen. This was revealed by the journalist Carlos Antonio Vélez who assured that the actions can be seen on this channel, yes, it is not yet known if the World Cup qualifying matches will also be broadcast.

It should be noted that Gol Caracol has been the home of the Tricolor in its transmissions of both World Cups and other tournaments, however, its contract for transmission rights culminated in the tie against Qatar, which opens the possibilities for RCN to enter into The push.

Gol Caracol beat up RCN in the broadcast of the opening of Qatar 2022. Photo: Gol Caracol.
Gol Caracol beat up RCN in the broadcast of the opening of Qatar 2022. Photo: Gol Caracol. – Photo: Photo: Snail Goal.
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When do the playoffs start?

As for the qualifiers, this Wednesday Conmebol announced the calendar that the teams will face towards the 2026 World Cup. The path of the Colombian National Team will be the same that it had to follow when it tried, without success, to qualify for the Qatar 2022 World Cup The first day will be held in September of this year and includes two dates.

In the opening duel, Colombia will receive Venezuela and then they must visit Chile; a month later, Colombia will host Uruguay and then they will have to face Ecuador at the Atahualpa Olympic Stadium.

The last day of this year also includes two dates and the first of them will be one of the most anticipated matches for the fans of the tricolor: Colombia vs. Brazil, duel that should be played in the Barranquilla Metropolitan, if nothing extraordinary happens. The team will close its 2023 calendar when it visits Paraguay.

Colombia vs. Mexico.  Friendly in the United States (Santa Clara).
Colombia vs. Mexico. Friendly in the United States (Santa Clara). – Photo: Getty Images

This will be the Colombian calendar for the 2026 World Cup Qualifiers.

day 1

Colombia vs. Venezuela

day 2

Chile vs. Colombia

day 3

Colombia vs. Uruguay

day 4

Ecuador vs. Colombia

Day 5

Colombia vs. Brazil

Day 6

Paraguay vs. Colombia

Day 7

Peru vs. Colombia

Matchday 8

Colombia vs. Argentina

Day 9

Bolivia vs. Colombia

day 10

Colombia vs. Chili

Day 11

Uruguay vs. Colombia

day 12

Colombia vs. Ecuador

day 13

Brazil vs. Colombia

day 14

Colombia vs. Paraguayan

day 15

Colombia vs. Peru

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day 16

Argentina vs. Colombia

day 17

Colombia vs. bolivian

day 18

Venezuela vs. Colombia

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